Call for Papers:
Two issues of Cultural Relations Quarterly Review in 2016


Topic: (Volume III. Issue 3.) Future prospects of regionalism
The ICRP accepts research papers related the political and economic issues regarding globalisation, regionalisation and global governance (theories, dilemmas, concepts and comparative studies). Authors may also focus on the future prospects of the regional and intergovernmental organisations. The ICRP encourages contributors to submit their comprehensive and original works on this constantly actual and relevant topic, focusing on regionalism.

Thematic propositions:
global governance; global organisations; intergovernmental organisations; cultural, linguistic, ethnic or religious organisations; economic organisations; sovereignty and post-sovereignty; subsidiarity; supranationalism; international relations.

Topic: (Volume III. Issue 4.) Polarisation of society in the West
The ICRP accepts research papers on related topics of extreme left and right wing politics in Europe and North America. Authors may focus on the historical, theoretical approaches or can provide case studies, country analyses or papers with any topic related to the political polarisation in the West. The ICRP encourages contributors to submit their comprehensive and original works on this constantly actual and relevant topic, focusing on the polarisation of society in the West.

Thematic propositions:
polarisation; definitions; measurement; elite polarisation; popular polarisation; critiques; political attitudes; ideological extremes; politics.

Deadline for submissions:

Volume III. Issue 3: 15 November 2016

Volume III. Issue 4: 15 December 2016

Tentative publication dates:  1 December 2016 and 1 January 2017

Tentative topics:
Issues of Cultural Relations Quarterly Review in 2017

Volume IV. Issue 1.) State of freedom of individual expression

Volume IV. Issue 2.) Economy and politics in the Indian subcontinent

Volume IV. Issue 3.) Russia as a global player

Volume IV. Issue 2.) Non-state actors in international relations


About the Review

Cultural Relations Quarterly Review is an initiative of the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy Budapest. Launched in 2013, its mission is to provide information and analysis on key international political events. Each issue present scrutinised review of international relations on a quarterly basis written by young researchers, scholars, professionals who are specialised in International Relations theory, Political Science, world politics and Economics. Also among the authors are the Participants of ICRP Internship Programme and the members of ICRP Advisory Board.

All articles are free of charge and peer reviewed. Editorial Board of Cultural Relations Quarterly Review is an international team of highly-qualified scholars and professionals of various academic disciplines (e.g.: International Relations, Political Science, Political Theory, Economics and Migration Policy). Altogether the group consists of 9 members, who came from different segments of the world. The aim of the Institute was to represent a diversity of perspectives on different issues, thus the founders of the Review tried to include people from all macro geographical (continental) regions in the team.



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