Bezen Balamir Coşkun


Zirve University
Department of International Relations
Kızılhisar Campus 27260 Gaziantep/Turkey
+90 (0) 5073766295


Zirve University, Gaziantep, Turkey
Assistant Professor, Oct. 2009 - ...

Research Areas | International/Regional Security (with a geographical focus on the Middle East), Security Studies (with a particular empahis on different sectors of security such as human security, energy security and cyber security)

Courses Taught (Undergraduate)
IT 102 Information Technologies for Social Sciences
IR 203 Current Issues in International Relations
IR 208 Social Sciences Research Methods (Qualitative Methods)

Courses Taught (Postgraduate)
IR 501 Theories of International Relations
IR 503 Special Topics in International Relations
IR 522 Security Issues in Global Context
IR 502 Part II - Qualitative Research Methods
ENG 501 Academic Writing


Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK
PhD, Politics, History and International Relations, 2009
Dissertation: Analysing Desecuritization: The Case of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Education and Water Management
Committee: Prof. Dr. Mark Weber, University of Birmingham (Advisor), Associate Prof. Dr. Oliver Daddow, Loughborough University (Chair), Prof. Dr. Jan Selby, University of Sussex (External Examiner)

Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
MSSc, Development and International Relations, 2004
Thesis: Power Structures in Water Regime Formation: A Comparison of the Jordan and Euphrates Tigris River Basins
Advisor: Dr. Björn Möller, Danish Institute of International Studies

Bogazici University, Istanbul/Turkey
BA, Political Science and International Relations, 1995


Winner of Inaugural Routledge Global Change, Peace & Security Essay Competition: Analysing Desecuritisations: Prospects & Problems for Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation, 2007

Kadir Has Awards Honourable Mention: Turkey between Europe and the Middle East (in Turkish), 2006

Winner of the Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies Best Article Prize: Power Structures in Water Regime Formation: Jordan and Euphrates Tigris River Basins, 2005

Turkish Scientific Agency Project Grant: Energy Security and Foreign Policy Making: The Cases of Turkey, GCC and the EU, 2010-2011 (As part of the research Gulf Research Center, Dubai was visited in February 2011)

The Bundeswehr Institute of Social Sciences (SOWI), Germany Strategic Cultures Book Project Participation Grant, 2011-2012

NATO Division of Public Diplomacy, Grant for Senior Turkish Academicsʼ Programme at NATO Headquarters, Brussels, November 2011

Council for British Research in Levant (CBRL) research grant for field work in Israel and the West Bank, 2007

Loughborough University Research Studentship, Analysing Desecuritization: The Case of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Education and Water Management 2004-2007

Women in International Security (WIIS) travel grant for 17th Summer Symposium on Globalization, Identity and Security attendance, Georgetown University, USA, June 2006

Loughborough University International Students Grant for Internship at United Nations University Centre for Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS), Bruges, Belgium to participate ʻRegionalism and Region Building in the Middle East Projectʼ, Fall 2005. Project Leader: Dr. Brigid Gavin

UNU-CRIS Grant to participate 1st Garnet PhD School “The EU and Global Governance: Efficiency and Legitimacy, Brussels, Belgium December 2005

Research Fellowship, Tel Aviv University Moshe Dayan Middle East Studies Centre, Israel, Spring 2005

Aalborg University International Traineeship Grant for Internship at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden to participate the Armed Conflicts and Conflict Management Project, Fall 2003. Project leader: Dr. Renata Dwan


Books and Book Chapters

• with Halit Hakan Ediğ, ʻTeaching National Security: National Security Courses in Turkeyʼ, in Alparslan Özerdem and Füsun Özerdem (eds.), Human Security in Turkey: Challenges for the 21st Century, Routledge (to be published May 2013)

• with Michalengelo Guida (eds.) Informal Challenges to Formal Politics in Mediterranean, Gaziantep: Middle East Strategic Research Center Publications, (upcoming fall 2012)

• ʻIslamic Civil Society Organizations as Actors of Change in Egypt and Jordanʼ, in Michalengelo Guida and Bezen Balamir Coskun (eds.) Informal Challenges to Formal Politics in Mediterranean, Gaziantep: Middle East Strategic Research Center Publications, (upcoming fall 2012)

• ʻEUʼs Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and European Securityʼ in Gergana Noutcheva, Karolina Pomorska and Giselle Bosse, Values vs. Security? The Future Choice for the EU and its Neighbours, Manchester University Press, 2012 (in print)

• with Elena Maestri and Valeria Fiorani Piacentini, The Southern-Eastern Mediterranean: Convergences and Divergences - The EU, the GCC and Turkey, Milano: CRISSMA Working Paper no:22, 2012

• Analysing Desecuritisation: The Case of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Education and Water Management, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011

• with Birgul Demirtas Coskun (eds.) Neighbourhood Challenge: the EU & its Neighbours, Boca Raton/US: Universal Publishers, 2009

• ʻTurkey, the Middle East and the EU: Boundaries and Bridgesʼ in Bezen Balamir Coskun & Birgul Demirtas Coskun (eds.) Neighbourhood Challenge: the EU & its Neighbours, Boca Raton/US: Universal Publishers, 2009

• ʻThe Gulf Regionʼs Soft Security Agenda and The EUʼ s Role in Facilitating CSBMsʼ in Christian Koch (ed.) European Union - Gulf Cooperation Council Relations and Security Issues: Broadening the Horizon, Dubai, Gulf Research Centre Publications, 2008

• ʻRegionalism and Securitisation: The Case of the Middle Eastʼ in Cilja Harders & Matteo Lagrenzi (eds.) Regionalism and Regionalisation in the Middle East, London: Ashgate, 2008

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

• with Gökhan Bacık, ʻThe PKK Problem: Explaining Turkeyʼs Failure to Develop a Political Solutionʼ, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 2011 34.3, 248-265

• ʻEnergizing the Middle East: Turkey, Iran and The Gulf Statesʼ, Turkish Politics Quarterly, September 2010

• with Moya Lyod, ʻThe Multi-Civilisational Future of the EUʼ, Futures, 42.6, 2010 • with Richard Carlson, ʻNew Energy Geopolitics: Why does Turkey Matter?ʼ, Insight Turkey, 12.3, 2010

• ʻCooperation over Water Resources as a Tool for Desecuritisation: the Israeli – Palestinian Environmental NGOs as Desecuritising Actorʼ, European Journal of Economic and Political Studies , 2.2, 2010

• with Raffaela Bianchi, ʻOpera across Borders: the Construction of Italian and Turkish National Identities, Anglistica, 13.2, 2010

• with Mette Grosen ʻA Decade of SAPs, Market Liberalization and Environment in Tanzania (1987 - 1998)ʼ, European Journal of Economic and Political Studies, 3(2), 2010 2.4, 53-71

• ʻHistory Writing and Securitisation of the other: The Construction and Reconstruction of Palestinian and Israeli Security Discoursesʼ, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 23.2, 2010

• ʻIran and Global Energy Geopoliticsʼ, Uluslararasi Iliskiler (Journal of International Relations), 5.20, 2009

• ʻAnalysing Desecuritisations: Problems and Prospects in Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliationʼ, Global Change, Peace & Security, 20.3, 2008, winner of 2007 Routledge GCP&S Essay Competition

• ʻDoes Strategic Culture Matters? Old Europe, New Europe and Transatlantic Securityʼ, Perceptions, V.XII, Summer-Autumn 2007

• ʻCivil War at the Next Door: Turkeyʼs Iraq Policy on the Brink of Civil Warʼ, University for Peace, Peace and Conflict Review, Issue 7, June 2007

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• ʻThe European Neighbourhood Policy and the Middle East Regional Security Complexʼ, Insight Turkey, 8.1, 2006

• ʻTurkeyʼs Middle East Policy between Domestic Politics and International Requirementsʼ, Monitor Strategic 3-4, 2006

• ʻPower Structures in Water Regime Formation: Jordan and Euphrates Tigris River Basinsʼ, The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies, 3.1, 2005, winner of the 2005 IJIS best article prize

• ʻHydropolitics in Central Asiaʼ, The Interdiciplinary Journal of International Studies, 2.1, 2004

• ʻThe Triump of an Islamic Party in Turkey: Effects of the Democratization Process on the Rise of the Justice and Development Party (AKP)ʼ, The Interdiciplinary Journal of International Studies, 1.1, 2003

Encyclopedia Entries

• ʻArab Monarchiesʼ, ʻArab Republicsʼ, ʻArab-Israeli Warʼ, ʻColonialismʼ, ʻImperialismʼ, ʻIsraelʼ, ʻKuwaitʼ, ʻOilfrom 1250-1920ʼ, ʻOil from 1920 and presentʼ, ʻPersian Gulf Warʼ, ʻRelations with the Westʼ, ʻWorld War Iʼ, ʻYemenʼin Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia & Africa: An Encyclopedia, Thousands Oak(CA): Sage, 2012

• ʻOriental Despotismʼ, ʻPrisoners of Warʼ, ʻWars of Independenceʼ, ʻNon-state Actorsʼ, ʻCollapsed/FailedStatesʼ, ʻPolitics of Identityʼin International Encyclopedia of Political Science, Washington DC: CQ Press, October 2010

Other Publications

• ʻFootsteps of Revolution in the Land of Queen Shebaʼ, Portland University Sociology of Islam andMuslim Societies, Newsletter No. 7, Fall 2011

• ʻThe EU and the GCC A New Era in Interregional Relations?ʼ, Gulf Research Centre GCC-EU Bulteni,January 2008, No.9, 101-102 • ʻMore than Water Wars: Water and International Securityʼ, NATO Review, Winter 2007

• ʻProblems and Prospects for Israeli Palestinian Reconciliation: The Case of Peace Education in theIsraeli Palestinian Contextʼ, Council for British Research in Levant (CBRL) Buletin 2007, 58-59

• Region and Region Building in the Middle East: Prospects and Problems, United Nations University Centre for Comparative Regional Integration Studies Occasional Paper 06/1, 2006


Keele University, UK
ERASMUS Visiting Lecturer, March 2012
Courses Taught (Undergraduate): Liberalization, Democratization and Political Reform in the Middle East (Year 3) NATO as a Security Community (Year 2)

University of Leicester /UK
Teaching Assistant, Oct.2007 – June 2009
Courses Taught (Undergraduate): Seminars of PL1015 International Relations since 1945 (Year 1) Seminars of PL1016 Current Issues in International Relations (Year 1)

Loughborough University /UK
Teaching Assistant, July 2005 - Dec 2008
Courses Taught: Turkish for ESOL Teachers Statistical Methods Seminars and SPSS Labs for Research Methods for Social Sciences (Year 2)


- Founding Chair, Department of International Relations, Zirve University
- Program Coordinator, International Relations Masters Program, Zirve University
- Editor, Middle East Strategic Analyses Series
- Member, Students Affairs Committee, Zirve University
- Member, Bologna Process Coordination Committee, Zirve University
- Member, Ethics Committee, Zirve University
- Member, Technology and Education Committee, Zirve University
- Research Studentsʼ Representative, Student
- University Liaison Committee, Loughborough University
- Part Time Tutorsʼ Representative, Faculty Liaison Committee, Leicester University


Sumerbank & Oyakbank, Istanbul - Turkey, Organization and Quality Management Specialist, 1998-2002

Yasarbank, Istanbul - Turkey, Management Trainee in Professional Development, 1996 – 1998 LANGUAGES Turkish (mother tongue), English (fluent), Arabic (learning)


International Studies Association

Central and Eastern European International Studies Association

International Relations Council of Turkey

Institute for Cultural Relations Policy