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Initiatives of ICRP

As an independent institution, ICRP brings together diplomats, political actors, future decision-makers and young intellectuals. Our mission is to build up online resources, operate information service, organise international conferences, seminars, summer schools and support publications related to cultural relations policy.
ICRP convenes an Advisory Board in order to create an intellectual background for its activities. Most ICRP Advisory Board members are diplomats, reputed professors, editors and authors from the European Union and all over the world.

'Cultural relations policy is an integral part of foreign policy. It focuses on intercultural dialogue and policies based on common cultural heritage under international law.'

-- ICRP Brief Summary

‘States may have an interest in the well-being of minority groups abroad, especially those with whom they are linked by ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious identity, or a common cultural heritage.’

-- The Bolzano/Bozen Recommendations on National Minorities in Inter-State Relations 2008