National Question in Central Europe

List of keynote speakers and presenters:


Keynote speakers
Prod Dr. Tibor Várady Opening Speech
Levente Salat, PhD The Chances of a Democratic Response to the Romanian-Hungarian Dispute
Ol'ga Gyárfášová, PhD A Plaidoyer for Diversity
Prof. Dr. Lia Pop Roma people in the Romanian National Elections 2012
Ádám Szesztay Diplomacy, diaspora policies and interstate relations in the Hungarian foreign policy strategy
Katinka Beretka Territorial autonomy of Vojvodina and its national minority aspects with special focus on the decision of the Constitutional Court of Serbia


Danko Aleksić & Vladimir Đorđević: Nationality (Citizenship) vs. Ethnicity. Clash of Identities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dadiana Chiran Roma economic empowerment. Roma-minority between welfare state and poverty policies. Perspectives from Hungary and Romania.
Wojciech Gizicki, PhD: Politics and Democracy as Conceived by Visegrad Generations
Prof. Jovan Ananiev, PhD & Assoc. Prof. Jadranka Denova, PhD: Citizens Participation at Local Level in the Republic of Macedonia

Prof. Jovan Ananiev, PhD & Assoc. Prof. Jadranka Denova, PhD: Preconditions for efficient public administration in the Republic of Macedonia

Grigor Grigoryan: Perspectives of the Karabakh conflict resolution on the context of Kosovo independence: legal aspect
Jubjana Vila: Kin Ethnic Group Mobilization: Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia
Sándor Földvári: Serbian National Awakening and Enlightenment as Inspired by the West Ukrainian Cultural Centres - Transmitted through the Hungarian Kingdom in the 18th Century
Reina Zenelaj Shehi: Mediation in Regional Ethnic Conflicts: The Role of EU in Kosovo
Dr. Boglárka Koller, PhD: European identity in flux. Identity patterns in a multi-speed Europe with special focus on the Central-, Eastern Europeans’ collective attachments
Dr. Ada-Charlotte Regelmann: Toeing the Line? Political Participation of Ethnic Minorities in Central Europe
Piotr Andrzejewski: Modernising nationalism. The case of Jörg Haider
Dr. Irina Pop: The image of the State Reform (Regions) in the regional media. Bihor County case
Dr. Edit Lőrinczné Bencze, PhD:
The Impact of European Accession on Regional Policy Reform in Croatia
Pavlo Moroz & Kyrylo Brazhko:
Corporate Tax Rate as an Instrument of Fiscal Policy in EU Countries in Innovation Development Enhancing
Kristiāna Kalniņa: National Question of Latvian electoral politics after regaining independence
Dr. Lulzim Murtezani: The ethnic diversity and the value orientations of the adolescents: differences and similarities
Dr. Fethullah Bayraktar: The remedial secession theory: Is it a democratic response to unresolved national and ethnic conflict?
Dr. Łukasz Lewkovicz, PhD:
20 years of Polish-Slovak neighbourhood (1993-2013): conditions, problems and implications
Assist Prof. Dr. Yuliya Biletska:
“Clash of Memories”: ethic identities and interethnic relations in Crimea
Nargiza Tashtemirova: Legal aspects in ethnic conflict resolution. (International Law and State Law)
Daniela Javorics: The national question in Western Hungary around the First World War or how people start to question their identity
Edgár Dobos: Did ethnic cleansing succeed? The constraints on the international attempt to reverse ethno territorialization and stimulate minority return in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Aleksandar Raič, PhD & Suzana Kujundžić Ostojić: Bunjevci and Croats in Serbia: Problem of democratic solution of an ignored ethnic conflict