ICRP networks

The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy coordinates and carries on research, education and project development activities through international cooperation. The ICRP has an extended network of affiliates and undertake activities jointly with numerous partner organisations all across the European Union and beyond the borders of Europe. Being a member of international networks, the ICRP also benefits from shared resources and collaboration. These connections make it possible for us to te expand our activities and spread the values of cultural relations on a global scale.

The ICRP emphasises the importance of transmitting its ideas and disseminate the outcomes of its efforts. Thus the institution aims to strengthen its presence in multiple countries by initiating and carrying out joint actions with its affiliates. The affiliates operate independently, however share the same values and ideas of the ICRP.

Since its establishment, the ICRP continuously extends its network of partners. Similar activity areas and bilateral agreements based on mutual respect and cooperation ensure long-term and effective partnerships.

As a member of international networks, the ICRP collaborates with various organisations which allows more opportunities for partnership building and growing together. Member organisations of international networks are involved in different activities and have different responsibilities which make ICRP to keep committed to its vision.


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