The Balkans Dialogue

List of presenters and sessions:


International Conflict Resolution; Border Disputes I.
Dr. Füsun Özerdem: Europeanisation as a Tool of Border Conflict Resolution
Saša Čvrljak: Building the region through cooperation in the area of justice, freedom and security: the case of Western Balkans
Merve İnce: Turkish-Greek Relations: An Analysis of the Disputes between Turkey and Greece within the Framework of European Union
Dr. Ulvi Keser: The Mediterranean Security in the Light of Cyprus Issue and Turkish Cypriot-Greek Cypriot Relations
Murat Yümlü (in absentia):
Post-Second World War Case of Conflict Resolution: Question of Trieste

Fidan Karimli: The Impact of International Mediation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict
International Conflict Resolution; Border Disputes II.
Konstantin Kolev: The Role of the EU in the Conflict Resolution in the Western Balkans. The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
dr. Krisztina Juhász: The European Union’s crisis management activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Edgár Dobos: When international intervention meets the local context: state-formation, ethnopolitics and local ownership in the Bosnian way
Viktor Milanov: The Bulgarian-Macedonian Conflict
Interstate Relations and Diplomacy
Dr. Csaba Máté Sarnyai & Tibor Pap: The role of interpretation and discourse in the Serbian foreign relations in the 2010's, with special regard to the EU and Russia
Dr. Emirhan Göral: A Neo-realist Analysis of Turkish Foreign Policy Towards Balkans
Gábor Fodor: Turkey and the Armenian Question: 1915’s perception in Turkey and around the world
Jānis Balodis: Cross border co-operation between Bulgaria and Turkey: example of Burgas and Kirkraleli region
Mladen Karadjoski: Cross-border cooperation between Macedonia and Greece as an instrument for good neighbourhood relations
Legal problems of international relations; International Law Issues
Stefano Braghiroli &
Irena Fiket:
Brussels is well worth a Mass: Assessing the impact of EU-sponsored legislation on minority rights in the Western Balkans
Ida Orzechowska: The activities of the ICTY as an intervening variable in the EU enlargement processes in the Western Balkan region
Melih Uğraş Erol: Violated Human Rights and Freedoms near the EU: Analysing the Turkish Alevi Community’s Human Rights Position in the Process of EU Accession
Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere: The Greeks of Istanbul and EU harmonization
Claire Griffith: Home Sweet Home?: The Right of Return in Post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina
National and Ethnic Minority Question; Ethnic and Social Issues I.
Andreea Andrada Vişan & Viţelaru Ana-Adina:
The social model and the economic security in Europe

Lea Prijon: Instabilities in Slovenian Society: Towards the Past or the future?
Xhyla Çeliku & Prof. Dr. Fehari Ramadani: The Ohrid Framework Agreement as a preventive document for the stability of Macedonia

Solveiga Inokaitytė: Kosovo's territorial dependence reflection in Serbian political parties discourses
National and Ethnic Minority Question; Ethnic and Social Issues II.
Lulzim Murtezani: Multicultural education as a reality: psychological premise
Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku & Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti: The learning of the other’s language and cultural corpus, a premise for a successful interethnic communication in Macedonia
Faruk Ekmekci: Social trust, democracy, and the Kurdish issue in Turkey
Davut Han Aslan: Turkey’s Kurdish Paradox under AKP: EU Processes versus Emerging Security Challenges
Regional Security Issues
Romina Beqiri: Witness Protection and European Security
Dr. Habil. Norbert Pap & József Négyesi:
Hungarian role in the Western Balkan security issues

Ourania Dimitraki: The Cost for Peace: Military Expenditure and Economic Growth in Western Balkans
dr. Csaba Németh: About the current aspects of the EULEX Kosovo mission
Nicasia Picciano: The EU Common Security and Defence Policy Achilles´ heel: North Kosovo
The Role of the European Union; Pre-Accession Strategies
Dr. Edit Lőrinczné Bencze: The new phase of the integration process: Croatia’s accession

Cedric Pulliam: Reconstruction of the Balkans Region: A Research Study of the Future of European Integration of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia
Özden Melis Uluğ: “Turkey should solve its Kurdish conflict first”: The impact of the EU on the Kurdish conflict in Turkey
Yılmaz Kaplan: Regional or global European Union? Turkish membership as a test
Didar Erdinç &
Emilia Zankina:
Only an EU Apart: Bulgarian-Turkish Economic and Political Relations in the Post-Accession period