One of the most discussed issues in international relations, widely addressed after the World War II and still of fundamental importance for the world security nowadays, is the proliferation of nuclear weapons throughout the international environment. Nuclear weapons have raised concerns especially in the Middle East and they still...

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Recent scholarship has highlighted the peculiarity of unaccompanied minors (UAM) seeking refuge in developed countries. Considering their numerical strength in proportion to the general migration flows across the globe and the peculiarity of their situation, unaccompanied migrants have become an important category of present-day phenomenon of migration. Circumstances under...

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Cyprus has been a divided island since 1983, between its Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities and it serves as one of the longest peacekeeping mission in United Nations history. The years 2003-2004 seemed to be the perfect moments to reunite Cyprus again so that it can enter the European...

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If you are interested in politics and, more specifically, in Russia and various international issues that surround it, but, however, after a long day of work/studies, you have no strength to read extensive articles or pick up a book, I have a great solution to such a dilemma –...

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Interview by Fruzsina Csonka, ICRP | “Motivation and Engagement” – Interview with Doumbia Badra Aliou, President of the Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques (IRCP Mali) The Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques was formed in 2017 in Bamako, Mali with the aim to foster public discourse and disseminate...

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Interview by Nicole Gefvenberg, ICRP | The Sami is an indigenous Finno-Ugric community living in the area Sápmi, which encompasses four countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. It is estimated that between 80,000–100,000 Sami live in Sápmi. In 1977 the Swedish government recognised them as an indigenous population, and...

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With North and South Korea being separated since the end of World War II, the Korean question of reunification remains unanswered and increasingly complex. Within more than 70 years, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea pursued entirely different paths concerning their political, economic, and...

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