Ehud R. Toledano

Current position | Director, the Graduate School of Historical Studies, Professor of Ottoman and Middle Eastern History Tel-Aviv University, ISRAEL (at TAU since 1980)

PhD | Princeton University (1979)

Post-Doc | ARCE (Cairo, Egypt), 1979-80

Research and teaching | ARIT (Istanbul, Turkey), 1977-78, Senior Associate Member (St Antony’s College, Uni-versity of Oxford), 1986-87, Senior Research Fellow (University of Penn-sylvania, Philadelphia), 1993-94, Visiting Professor (UCLA), 2000, Maurice Amado Visiting Professor (UCLA), 2001 Vis-iting Professor (UCLA), 2002

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List of Publications

A. Books & Monographs

1.            Ehud R Toledano, The Ottoman Slave Trade and Its Suppression, 1840- 1890, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1982 (xix + 307 pp)

2.            Ehud R Toledano, Osmanlı köle ticareti, 1840-1890, Istanbul: Tarih Vakfı Yurt Yayınları, 1994 (xiii + 254 pp) [Turkish translation of #1 above, pub-lished by the Economic and Social History Foundation] 

3.            Ehud R Toledano, Introduction to Ottoman History, Tel-Aviv, 1985 (115 pp, in Hebrew)

4             Ehud R Toledano, State and Society in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt, Cam-bridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990 (xiv + 320 pp)

5.            Ehud R Toledano, Egypt at the Onset of Modernity—A New Interpretation, Tel-Aviv, 1996, (164 pp in Hebrew)

6.            Ehud R Toledano, Slavery and Abolition in the Ottoman Middle East, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1998 (xii + 185 pp)

7.            Ehud R Toledano, Silent and Absent in the Islamic Middle East: Voices of the Enslaved in the Long-Nineteenth Century (submitted to the press)

8.            Ehud R Toledano, Emergence of Ottoman-Local Elites in the Middle East and North Africa, 17th-19th Centuries (in final stage of preparation)


B. Refereed Articles

1.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Sancak of Jerusalem in the Sixteenth Century—Rural Settlement and Demographic Trends,” in Amnon Cohen (ed), Chap-ters in the History of Jerusalem at the Beginning of the Ottoman Period, Jerusa-lem, 1979: 61-92 (in Hebrew, trans of # 5 below)

2.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Legislative Process in the Ottoman Empire in the Early Tanzimat Period,” International Journal of Turkish Studies, 112 (1980): 99-108

3.            Ehud R Toledano, “Slave Dealers, Pregnancy, Abortion, and the World of Women: the Story of a Circassian Slave-girl in Mid-Nineteenth- Century Cairo,” Slavery and Abolition, 2/1 (1981): 53-68

4.            Ehud R Toledano, “Law, Practice, and Social Reality: A Theft Case in Cai-ro, 1854,” Asian and African Studies, 17/1-3 (1983): 153-173

5.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Sanjak of Jerusalem in the Sixteenth Century: As-pects of Topography and Population,” Archivum Ottomanicum, 9 (1984): 279-319

6.            Ehud R Toledano, ”The Imperial Eunuchs of Istanbul: From Africa to the Heart of Islam,” Middle Eastern Studies, 20/3 (1984): 379-390

7.            Ehud R Toledano, “Muhammad cAli Basha or Mehemt Ali Pasa?” Middle Eastern Studies, 21/4(1985): 141-159

8.            Ehud R Toledano, “Reflections on Themes in Late Ottoman History,” Asian and African Studies, 20/03 (1986): 357-373

9.            Ehud R Toledano, “Ottoman Concepts of Slavery in the Period of Reform (1830s-1880s),” in Martin A Klein (ed), Breaking the Chains: Slavery, Bondage and Emancipation in Modem Africa and Asia, Madison: University of Wis-consin Press, 1993: 37-63

10.          Ehud R Toledano, “Shemsigül: A Circassian Slave in Mid-Nineteenth- Century Cairo,” in Edmund Burke, III (ed), Struggle and Survival in the Mo-dem Middle East, Berkley & Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1993: 59-74

11.          Ehud R Toledano, “Late Ottoman Concepts of Slavery (1830s-1880s),” Po-etics Today, 14/3: (1993): 477-506 [revised version of #9 above]

12.          Israel Gershoni and Ehud R Toledano, “Methodological Introduction,” in Israel Gershoni and Ehud R Toledano (eds), Cultural Processes in Muslim and Arab Societies, Durham: Duke University Press [three special volumes of Poetics Today--see below C.2], 14/3: (1993): 240-245

13.          Ehud R Toledano, “The Emergence of Ottoman-Local Elites (1700- 1800): A Framework for Research,” in I Pappé and M Ma’oz (eds), Middle Eastern Politics and Ideas: A History from within, London and New York: Tauris Ac-ademic Studies, 1997, 145-162

14.          Ehud R Toledano, “Forgetting Egypt’s Ottoman Past,” Jamaca, vol 1 (1997): 67-87 (in Hebrew, trans of # 17 below)

15.          Ehud R Toledano, “Social and Economic Change in the ‘Long Nineteenth Century’,” in Martin Daly (ed), The Cambridge History of Egypt, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Vol 2, 1998, 252-284

16.          Ehud R Toledano, “The Concept of Slavery in Ottoman and Other Muslim Societies: Dichotomy or Continuum?,” in Miura Toru and John Edward Philips (eds), Slave Elites in the Middle East and Africa: A Comparative Study, London and NY: Kegan Paul International, 2000: 159-176

17.          Ehud R Toledano, “Forgetting Egypt’s Ottoman Past,” in Jayne L Warner (ed), Cultural Horizons: A Festschrift in Honor of Talat S Halman, vol I, Syra-cuse: Syracuse University Press, 2001: 150-167

18.          Ehud R Toledano, “The Ottoman-Egyptian Elites” (a review article), Turk-ish Studies Association Bulletin, 24/2 (Fall 2000): 87- 95

19.          Ehud R Toledano, “Representing the Slave’s Body: the Ottoman Case,” in Jane Gardner and Thomas Wiederman (eds), Representing the Slave’s Body (special issue of Slavery & Abolition, 2001, forthcoming)

20.          Ehud R Toledano, “What Ottoman History and Ottomanist Historiog-raphy Are—Or, Rather, Are Not” (a review article), Middle Eastern Studies, 38/3 (2002): 195-207

21.          Ehud R Toledano, “Where Have all the Egyptian Fallahin Gone to? Labor in Mersin and Çukurova (Second Half of the Nineteenth Century),” in Mersin, the Mediterranean, and Modernity: Heritage of the Long-Nineteenth Century, Mersin, 2002: 21-28


C. Editing

1.            Member of the Editorial Panel, Mediterranean Historical Review, London: Frank Cass, 1985-1996

2.            Israel Gershoni and Ehud R Toledano (eds), Cultural Processes in Muslim and Arab Societies, Durham: Duke University Press, 1993/4 (3 volumes): Vol 1, “Medieval and Early Modern Periods,” Poetics Today, 14/2, special issue (Summer 1993); Vol 2, “Modern Period I,” Poetics Today, 14/3, special issue (Fall 1993); Vol 3, ”Modern Period II,” Poetics Today, 15/2, special issue (Summer 1994)


D. Other Publications

(a) Articles in Encyclopedias

1.            Ehud R Toledano, “Muhammad cAli Pasha,” Encyclopaedia of Islam, second edition, Leiden: E J Brill, Vol 7 (1991): 423-431

2.            Ehud R Toledano, “Slave Trade,” in Reeva S Simon, Philip Mattar, and Richard W Bulliet, (eds), The Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, New York: Macmillan, 1996, Vol 4: 1668-1671


(b) Articles

1.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Black Eunuchs of the Ottoman Imperial House at the end of the Nineteenth Century,” Zemanim, vol 10 (Fall 1982): 71-80 (in Hebrew)

2.            Ehud R Toledano, “Reflections on the Practical Heritage of President Sa-dat,” in Ami Ayalon (ed), Regime and Opposition in Egypt during the Sadat Era, Tel-Aviv, 1984: 25-50 (in Hebrew)


(c) Reviews

1.            Ehud R Toledano, “Stanford J Shaw and Ezel Kural Shaw, History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey,” in Middle East Studies Association Bul-letin (US), 12/1 (1978): 40-1

2.            Ehud R Toledano, “Mark A Epstein, The Ottoman Jewish Communities and their Role in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries,” in Middle East Studies As-sociation Bulletin (US), 15/2 (1981): 40-1

3.            Ehud R Toledano, “Amnon Cohen, Jewish Life Under Islam,” in Inter- na-tional Journal of Middle East Studies, 19/1 (1987): 124-7

4.            Ehud R Toledano, “Judith E Tucker, Women in Nineteenth- Century Egypt,” in Middle Eastern Studies, 25/1(1989): 113-19

5.            Ehud R Toledano, “Janet J Ewald, Soldiers, Traders, and Slaves: State For-mation and Economic Transformation in the Greater Nile Valley, 1700-1885,” in International Journal of Middle East Studies, 25/1(1993): 132-4

6.            Ehud R Toledano, “André Raymond, Le Caire,” in Middle Eastern Studies,  30/4 (1994): 1002-5

7.            Ehud R Toledano, “Elizabeth Savage (ed), The Human Commodity: Perspec-tives on the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade,” in Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), 57/1 (1994): 251-2

8.            Ehud R Toledano, “Juan R I Cole, Colonialism and Revolution in the Middle East: Social and Cultural Origins of Egypt’s cUrabi Movement,” in Middle East-ern Studies, 31/2 (1995): 379-83

9.            Ehud R Toledano, “Shaun E. Marmon (ed), Slavery in the Islamic Middle East,” in Journal of African Historical Studies, 33/2 (2000): 479-481

10.          Ehud R Toledano, “Jane Hathaway, The politics of households in Ottoman Egypt: The rise of the Qazdaglis,” in Journal of the American Oriental Society, a review article, 120/4: ...

11.          Ehud R Toledano, “Y Hakan Erdem, Slavery in the Ottoman Empire and its Demise, 1800-1909, London and NY: St Martin’s Press (St Antony’s Series), 1996, in Turkish Studies Association Bulletin, 24/2 (Fall 2000): 106-110

12.          Ehud R Toledano, “Khaled Fahmy, All The Pasha’s Men: Mehmed Ali, His Army And The Making Of Modern Egypt, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997, in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 28/1 (2001): 108-113


E. Papers Presented at Conferences (selected)

1.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Administrative Court Records and the Police Files as Source for Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egyptian Socio-Economic History,” International Conference on the Economic History of the Middle East, 1800-1914: A Comparative Approach,” Haifa University, 14-19 December 1980

2.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Lower Classes of Ottoman Cairo in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century,” IV. Internationaler Kongress für Tiirkische Wirtschafts- und Socialgeschichte (1071-1920),” Munich, 4-8 August 1986

3.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Ottoman Nature of Nineteenth-Century Egypt,” The 9th International Congress of CIÉPO, Jerusalem, 1990

4.            “Individual and Society in the Mediterranean Muslim World,” a 17-page paper submitted to the European Science Foundation (ESF) by Profs Robert Ilbert and Paul Dumont as framework for a 5-year Research Programme. Participated in the Group of Experts convened by the ESF at Aix-en-Provence, 13-14 May 1993, then expanded at Oxford, 6-7 May 1994, and re-convened at Sitges (Spain), 25-26 May 1995. The Programme has been ap-proved by the ESF and is expected to continue until 1999

5.            Ehud R Toledano, “Forgetting Egypt’s Ottoman Past,” in Ehud R Tole-dano and Ursula Woköck (eds), Formation and Transmission of Tradition in Muslim Societies, a Non-Book containing the papers presented at the inter-national workshop organized by Ehud R Toledano and Israel Gershoni, Tel-Aviv University, 9-10 January 1996: 163-180 [a slightly revised version is to appear in Jayne Warner (ed), Talat S Halman Festschrift, New York, NY, 2001]

6.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Concept of Slavery in Ottoman and Other Muslim Societies: Dichotomy or Continuum?,” Conference on Slave Elites in the Middle East and Africa: A Comparative Study, Institute of Oriental Culture, the University of Tokyo, 10-11 October 1998, under the auspices of the Is-lamic Area Studies Project

7.            Ehud R Toledano, “The Ottoman Middle East and North Africa from Hegemonic Rule to Dynastic Order: the Case of Ottoman Iraq in the 17th-19th Centuries,” ESF conference, Istanbul, September 1998

8.            Ehud R Toledano, “Representing the Slave’s Body: the Ottoman Case,” conference Representing the Slave’s Body, Institute for the Comparative His-tory of Slavery (ICHOS), University of Nottingham, UK, 11-13 September 2000

9.            Ehud R Toledano, “Where Have all the Egyptian Fallahin Gone to? Labor in Mersin and Çukurova (Second Half of the Nineteenth Century),” Con-ference on Mersin, the Mediterranean, and Modernity: Heritage of the Long-Nineteenth Century, Mersin University, Turkey, 18-20 April 2002

10.          Ehud R Toledano, “Slavery in Ottoman and Islamic Societies,” Conference on Dependence, Servility, and Coerced Labor (The Cambridge History of World Slavery), Emory University, Atlanta, USA, 1-3 May 2003

11.          Ehud R Toledano, “African Slaves in the Ottoman Eastern Mediter-ranean: A Case of Cultural ‘Creolization’?” Conference on The Mediterranean as a Constitutive Element of Europe, Nüvis (Ankara), Antakya, Turkey, 21-25 May 2003

12.          Ehud R Toledano, “Bringing the Enslaved Back in,” Keynote Address, Conference on Slavery, Islam, and Diaspora, York University, Canada, 24-26 October 2003 (forthcoming)
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