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The conception of cultural relations policy has a unique approach toward subjects of international relations for the reason that its scope contains not only states but sub-national entities and institutions in international relations as well; however applied methodology of this approach recognises existing differences between entities with various level of sovereignty.

We believe that cultural relations policy will be a key factor in international relations in the 21st century. Dialogue of civilizations and cultural diplomacy can serve as new tools in intercultural relations. As international role of sub-national regions emerging, identity politics become more relevant. ICRP is aware that identity preservation is an aim and instrument at the same time. We believe it serves international peace and stability in the future. Cultural relations policy takes sub national entities into account therefore it contributes to support peaceful patterns of international relations.

‘The geopolitics of the 21st century mean we need to see a revival of cultural diplomacy’…‘Cultural relations today are increasingly concerned with developing long-term relationships and sharing and learning, as opposed to one-way promotional activities.’

Culture Report, EUNIC Yearbook 2011