As a member of international networks, the ICRP collaborates with various organisations which allows more opportunities for partnership building and growing together. Member organisations of international networks are involved in different activities and have different responsibilities which make ICRP to keep committed to its vision.


is the first ideas accelerator for European projects, and aims to create a virtual community for Up and coming professionals in European projects.


Projuven International Network on Refugees – PINOR
advocates at European level towards migrant inclusion in the EU and sustainable migration policies, connects with relevant stakeholders across Europe: companies, public institutions, NGOs, media and academia. Together with its members it crafts powerful messages on migration topic to reach young Europeans. PINOR develops youth centered training courses aimed to develop youth workers skills and build new ones.


TDM 2000 International

In the framework of the goals for which it was created, TDM 2000 International, coordinates, directly implements, supports and divulges activities and projects designed either by our staff or by our affiliates. So far it has developed projects and activities of the likes of training courses and study sessions, different sorts of encounters and workshops, awareness-raising campaigns and lobbying meetings, inquiries and polls, voluntary service projects, partnership building activities and contact making seminars, electronic and hard cover publications, youth exchanges and seminars, or other multi-measure projects with diverse types of social intervention for development.


GREENWILL is the global nonprofit initiative offering a free standardized environmental policy (“Green Policy”) worldwide. By adopting the GREENWILL pledge, any business, organization (formal or informal) or individual is provided with a clear, simple and completely voluntary path to becoming more environmentally friendly.