Participants declaration

The purpose of this declaration is to ensure that all participants reflect upon their own role and responsibility regarding the mobility/youth educational project. The purpose is furthermore to ensure that each individual participant has reflected upon the nature of the program and their learning needs.

In connection with the youth/mobility project, I declare that:

  • I am aware of the nature of the programme and the project. I am aware that the project is not academic, is based on non-formal learning and that some of the methods applied by the trainers/facilitators are mainly, but not exclusively interactive.
  • I have read/will read the activity programme and information pack carefully.
  • I am aware that not all activities in the program might be relevant for me.
  • I understand that other participants might have other needs than I have.
  • I am aware that I am expected to be present for all the programmed activities, except those that are clearly marked as optional/volunteer. If I have other activities that conflict with the program (e.g. an urgent online meeting, etc.), absence can be permitted only in agreement with trainers/organisers in good time. I understand that trainers/organisers might refuse such a request due to the flow of the program.
  • I also understand that I am expected to be punctual for all activities. In case I am late (e.g. bus departures on excursions), I give my consent that the group is leaving without me and that I will find my own way on own cost.
  • I am also aware that under no circumstances I am allowed to arrive later than the arrival day and not to depart earlier than departure day. The organisers expect that I have organised my travel, so that I have arrived in time to get a night sleep before the activities start. I can depart early on departure day, but I cannot depart on the last activity day. Farewell evening is a part on the planned activity and my presence there is expected.
  • I am expected to find my own way to the venue. Airport-pickup or pickup at bus/train station is only provided if it is clearly stated in info-pack and the cost is always to be covered by the budget available for travel.
  • The budget given by the grant provider for travel is meant as a contribution. I may expect to contribute to this. The organiser must justify all project expenses according to their contract with the grant provider. I can therefore never receive more than the real cost that I had. I understand that I need to collect all original receipts and travel documentation (e.g. boarding passes). Without those I will not get any reimbursement.
  • I understand that cost for travel in own vehicle only will be legible if it is agreed with the organisers before and only in accordance with the rules stipulated by them.
  • The organisers or trainers may receive original documentation in hand during the activity. All original documentation should be kept and handled to the organisers if requested. All documentation (original or copies, according to the requirement by the organisers) should be in hand of the organisers no later than 20 days after the last day of the project. Claims received after that will not be subject for reimbursement. I understand that it is my own responsibility to make copy of the original documentation before I send it.
  • Together with the original documentation I will send a claim-form. The claim-form I will fill in with all requested information. I am aware that all fields have to be completed with correct information. I am also aware that back fees relating to wrong account information, will be covered by me.
  • Transfers to the organiser from partners and donors usually made in euro, however transfers to participants are made from a forint account and might result in loss due to the exchange rates vary by time. Any cost or loss related to the exchange rate or cost added by my bank will be covered by me.
  • I accept that travel reimbursements cannot be transferred to online bank accounts owned by participants travelling from Hungary.
  • Travel reimbursement can only be made once I have completed the dissemination tasks and have sent the necessary travel documentation (after mobility duties).
  • I am aware that it takes time to process all documents and I understand that the organisers may transfer my reimbursement only after the project duration finishes.
  • I understand that I have responsibility to disseminate the results of the event. The dissemination tasks are twofold: (1) during the project I participate in the dissemination process designed by the trainers/organisers; (2) during and after the training I will provide at least 5 photos taken during the activities and a 1.5 pages summary/blog entry OR a minimum 2 minutes video about the project. These materials may be used on the website of the sending organisation.
  • I agree to comply with the rules set up by the organisers and the venue. In particular, I agree with the strict drug policy and the anti-discrimination/bullying policy of the organisers. I understand and agree that failure to comply with the rules might lead to expulsion from the project. I understand and accept that in case of expulsion, all cost will be covered by myself.
  • I understand that the budget provided by the donor is limited and that the standard of food and accommodation is mirroring the budget. I understand that on these kinds of projects I will typically be expected to share room with more people.
  • I understand that the food will be provided by local providers and that the food therefore might be mainly locally inspired. I understand that any special needs can only be meet if the organisers receive a notice about my needs in good time and no later than 10 days before the beginning of the event.
  • In case of financial contribution or participation fee is set, I will pay the amount by the deadline given and I understand that the amount I transferred is non-refundable. I acknowledge that in case of late payment of the financial contribution or participation fee, the coordinator or the sending organisation may revoke my participation in the activity.
  • I accept that in case of unwanted emergency, natural disaster, epidemic, military conflict, etc. the host (local) organiser and the sending organisation can provide me information if requested by me, however I bear full responsibility for my decisions regarding participation. I am aware that the sending organisation is not responsible to provide financial risk management tools and I have to purchase (health and travel) insurance myself.

Find the printable pdf version of declaration here.