ICRP is committed to build international cooperation among independent institutions, NGOs, INGOs and educational organisations in order to contribute to researches and education focused on cultural relations policy. The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy is open to all initiatives aimed at fostering the dialogue of cultures.


Our partnership strategy

Our strategy is to develop a diverse range of educational events that faciliates the better understanding of new approaches to international relations. We encourage our partners to build cooperation committed to the development of intercultural and intracultural understanding and respect. ICRP’s partnership strategy focuses on the creation of an international research and academic network which could strengthen and expand the dialogue among civilizations through cultural diplomacy.

Academic partners

Non-profit organisations

Universities with internship agreement

Czech Republic: Metropolitan University Prague | Finland: University of Vaasa | France: Sciences Po Lille; Université Blaise Pascal – Clermont-Ferrand | Germany: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena | Hungary: Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Central European University Budapest; Corvinus University Budapest; ELTE University of Budapest; King Sigismund College; Kodolányi János University; Pázmány Péter Catholic University; Budapest Metropolitan University; University of Debrecen | Italy: University of Bologna; University of Molise – Campobasso; University of Pavia; University of Pisa | Malta: University of Malta | Portugal: Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa; Universidade Nova de Lisboa | Romania: Academia de Studii Economice din București | Spain: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona | Sweden: University of Gothenburg | Turkey: Boğaziçi Universtiy Istanbul; Çukurova University Adana; Fatih University Istanbul; Gazi University Ankara; İstanbul Şehir University; Namık Kemal University; Uludag University Bursa; Zirve University Gaziantep