The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy carries out extended educational programs, publishing activities, curriculum development, know-how transformation and method improvement within educational activities focusing on cultural relations, international relations, diplomacy, human rights and other societal issues. The ICRP implements those actions throughout local and international projects funded by various grant schemes and tenders.

Since its foundation the institute is actively involved in local and international projects as partner and coordinating organisation. Various European grant action schemes help the organisation in its capacity-building and content development endeavors. Among the projects were conferences funded by the Balassi Programme, training and youth mobility programs funded by the Youth in Action and Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission and multi-action projects financed by the Visegrad Grant. ICRP partners in activities carried out under the support of the Interreg Programme of the European Union, the Europe for Citizens grant scheme of the European Commission and various ministry programs of European countries.

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