The ICRP emphasises the importance of transmitting its ideas and disseminate the outcomes of its efforts. Thus the institution aims to strengthen its presence in multiple countries by initiating and carrying out joint actions with its affiliates. The affiliates operate independently, however share the same values and ideas of the ICRP.


Georgian Association for Cultural Relations

The Georgian Association for Cultural Relations focuses on education, knowledge dissemination and information exchange through promoting democratic values, peace and security initiatives as well as the importance of coexistence of different communities in multicultural environments. The association carries out its activities in Georgia, the greater Caucasus region and internationally, especially considering the needs and concerns of young people. The activities of the organisation include international cooperation with NGOs having similar profile and implementing projects and events focusing on democracy building and peace education. The association is based in Rustavi.

Address: Kostava ave. 35/5, Rustavi, Georgia
Year of establishment: 2018


Association for Cultural Relations ry

The Association for Cultural Relations focuses on the promotion of culture within and beyond the borders of Finland. The main focus of the association is to foster intercultural dialogue, cooperation between intracultural entities, aiming to promote recognition and protection of cultural diversity, preserving tangible and intangible heritage, promotion of cultural values through all of its forms and endorsement of Human Rights. The main objectives of the association is to participate in international projects, trainings and events of various topics in order to take benefits from valuable formal and non-formal education opportunities available for young people in Finland and abroad. The interdisciplinary leadership of the organisation combines experiences of civic involvement for democracy with intercultural expertise based on work and volunteering background and cooperation with local NGOs and educational institutions, governmental bodies, and diverse international partners.

Address: Tornihaukantie 6h 148, Espoo, Finland
Year of establishment: 2017


EMINA Pályaorientációs Alapítvány – EMINA Career Guidance Foundation

The objectives of EMINA Foundation are to promote career guidance and conscious way of life to young people and to facilitate both national and international events focused on the social situation of the young generations. The foundation has experiences concerning the habits of young people and useful free-time activities. This non-profit organisation employs social workers, psychologists and sociologist in order to gain a closer view on the problems of teenagers, students and other individuals. EMINA Foundation organises individual guidance and group activities about school and working possibilities in order to help young people to face problems in the labour market. Its professional staff takes into consideration the following aspects during their activities: management skills, psychological, sociological, ethical, pedagogical aspects and communication skills. EMINA Foundation also focuses on activities which aim is to protect socially disadvantaged youth. Besides guidance, the Foundation conducts research and scientific activity as well as programmes which target different minority groups. The activities cover education and training, skills development, knowledge dissemination and information exchange in both national and international level.

Address: 25 Erzsebet utca, 7200 Dombovar, Hungary
Year of establishment: 2012


European Youth Ensemble

The objectives of European Youth Ensemble informal group are to bring together young people all across Europe in order to promote European values and to boost youth empowerment by facilitating non-formal learning methods, trainings, youth projects and various activities. This group targets young people between 16-25 in order to promote intercultural dialogue while putting an emphasis on spreading European values and norms. In accordance with the spirit of the European Union, the E.Y.E. implements cross-border and local actions solely and in co-operation with its partner organisations.

Year of establishment: 2016


Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques (IRCP)

The Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques (IRCP) in Mali was established in 2017 with the aim of protecting human rights and preserving cultural diversity by facilitating scientific and cultural dialogue. In order to fulfil its mission, the IRCP Mali regularly organises conferences and seminars; publish topic-related materials and support the information sharing among national and international actors of the field of educational, civil and political platforms. The organisation is non-profit, politically independent and runs its activities with the help of volunteers.

Address: Kalaban Coura ACI (Rue: 360, Porte: 128), Bamako, Mali
Year of establishment: 2017


Turkish Society for Cultural Relations

The Turkish Society for Cultural Relations (Türkiye Kültürel İlişkiler Topluluğu) is a part of the international network of the ICRP and based in Bursa, Turkey. It is a community of aspiring young people who have united with the aim to promote cooperation among young people across Europe in various fields, such as intercultural learning, dialogue, non-formal trainings, storytelling, sport and healthy lifestyle, etc. The group consist of young people who are motivated to act as change-makers in the field of cultural relations and strengthen ties with other cultures for a better understanding. Main aims of the TSCR: to promote cooperation among young people across Europe, to promote intercultural learning and dialogue, to contribute the reconciliation and peace-building in Europe, to serve as a platform for young people to raise their voice and make their ideas come true, to equip youngsters with the skills which will promote their personal growth.

Address: Karacabey – Bursa, Turkey
Year of establishment: 2019


Former affiliate

Fondacija za Kulturne Odnose – Foundation for Cultural Relations

The Foundation for Cultural Relations (FCR) was established as part of the international network of ICRP and it was a non-governmental and non-profit organisation based in Belgrade, Serbia. The FCR was operating in the field of cultural diplomacy, with aim to foster intercultural relations and promote cultural diversities. The foundation focused on endorsing intercultural dialogue, enhancement of international cultural relations, as well as strengthening connections among diverse communities living in the same country. The members of the non-governmental organisation were devoted to raising awareness, exchanging ideas and learning in modern context considering knowledge as a key factor for protection of human rights which is basis for preserving cultural pluralism in an interdependent world.

Years of operations: 2016-2018