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Call For Internship Applicants

Interested in current international relations and media issues?
Want to gain experience in any or both of these fields by working for a non-governmental organisation?


“As an independent institution, ICRP brings together diplomats, political actors, future decision-makers and young intellectuals. ICRP focuses on global intercultural dialogue and forms of cooperation between intra-cultural entities, aiming to promote the protection of International Human Rights and recognition of cultural diversity and heritage in an interdependent world.”

Why be an ICRP intern?

If you are interested in international relations or world politics and want to gain experience in these fields by working for a non-governmental organisation, an internship at the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy could be the ideal start for you.

The objective of our programme is to offer students from diverse academic background relevant experience in their future-to-be field of employment. You will be given a real chance to utilise what you have learnt so far by organising and attending international conferences, making interviews with experts, politicians or diplomats, writing articles, blog entries or even research papers in the field of your interest.


Eligibility criteria

Applicants should be students or entry-level professionals of journalism/social studies/law/economics/international relations/political science or related fields. Very good knowledge of English is mandatory and good communications skills required.


Intern responsibilities include

– Research (independent studies regarding cultural relations policy)
– Writing and editing of ICRP special edition publications of Human Rights Issues
– Writing articles/editing Cultural Relations Review monthly e-journal
– Event support and development (working to support international conference, research, public relations, – communication, event management)
– Information collection and data analysis for ICRP Online Resources


Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeship

At the end of internship period the intern will be able to conclude and publish articles on current issues of international relations and to cover in-depth analyses concerning cultural relations policy. The Internship Programme contributes to the development of professional education of the intern through the tasks given during the internship period. The intern will have opportunity to meet diplomats and scholars from across Europe and the globe. The ICRP Internship Programme helps strengthening professional skills.

Applying for internships

If you consider applying for an internship at ICRP, you are encouraged to fill out our online application form, specifying the proposed period, dates of the internship and at least one of the preferred responsibilities.


Applications are accepted periodically and on a rolling basis. Regular internship candidates shall apply online bimonthly before the following deadlines each year:

  • 15 February
  • 15 April
  • 15 June
  • 15 August
  • 15 October
  • 15 December

Shortlisted candidates will be notified by email and called for an interview in the following month after submitting application and on the following days:

  • between 10-15 January (if application was submitted before 15 December)
  • between 10-15 March (if application was submitted before 15 February)
  • between 10-15 May (if application was submitted before 15 April)
  • between 10-15 July (if application was submitted before 15 June)
  • between 10-15 September (if application was submitted before 15 August)
  • between 10-15 November (if application was submitted before 15 October)

Keep in mind

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy offers voluntary (unpaid) internships for a minimum period of 2 months (8 weeks) with flexible work-time. Applications accepted periodically! After being chosen for internship an internship agreement will be signed. Applications should specify the proposed period of and dates of internship.


Interns with scholarships

Paid and longer internships are available under grant programs, university scholarships or international programs such as the Erasmus+ Traineeship. In case of interns with scholarships applications accepted continuously. Interns already holding or applying for a grant shall contact the internship administrator at with a copy sent to


“I had a really excellent time at ICRP. I learnt a lot about the actual issues of international relations, while being part of an unquestionably constructive team. I think that my time spent as an intern at ICRP will be an unforgettable memory of my life, and an invaluable asset in my future career.” — a former intern from Hungary

“I found this internship while being an Erasmus student in Budapest. I appreciated the working atmosphere as being part of a young creative team which also allows you to work independently. It offered me a great insight into the work of an NGO in an intercultural multinational surrounding.” — a former intern from Germany


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Useful info written by former interns [pdf]

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“Doing a summer internship programme at ICRP is an outstanding opportunity to gain some invaluable experience for all International Relations and Political Science students. Not only because you work with a dynamic, active and passionate team; but also because you can get engaged in or further scrutinize worldwide conflicts and global issues. Moreover, the organization offers a great variety of activities, thus everyone can find one’s own specialisation/interest. I indeed enjoyed my internship at the institute.” — a former intern from the United Kingdom

“The time I spent at ICRP as an intern gave me the opportunity to get a greater look to the organization of international conferences and to meet interesting people from all over the world which both proved to be a really good experience. Besides work, I could also enjoy the lectures given by the participants of the conferences that came really useful for my studies as well.” — a former intern from Hungary

“Internship programme at ICRP was a great opportunity to enrich my theoretical knowledge by fundamental principles of current affairs and learn new ideas in different fields. It provided a multicultural environment for learning different cultures and skills during different tasks and importantly improving the ways of thinking with other interns. I feel proud to be the part of ICRP internship programs.  — a former intern from Pakistan


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