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The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy implements local projects since 2012 and participates in international project development since 2014. Since the establishment of the institute it emphasizes the significance of effective co-working and collaboration among professional organisations in order to enrich the portfolio of partner institutions with quality projects in various fields. As an organisation focusing on education and knowledge-sharing, the ICRP carries out its project development strategy under a double principle: to partner individual project writers and organisations to develop projects together and to assist young project developers to transform their ideas into actions.


The ICRP is working with project writers from all over the world. The common goal of such collaborations is to develop educational projects that have local or international impact in the field of cultural and international relations, human rights awareness and promotion, diplomacy and related areas. The institute implements such education projects globally. With the support of an international team of experts, the quality of planning and implementation is assured. Involving well-established organisations and highly skilled, experienced individual professionals as international partners make a significant contribution to the standards of jointly realised activities.

The ICRP is seeking for opportunities to collaborate with project writers, professionals and non-political activists from all around the globe in order to make it possible to carry out educational projects together under various grant schemes. The aim of such collaboration is to accomplish common projects, to enrich the portfolio of the partnering institutions and to support all participating individuals, beneficiaries and stakeholders with financial means and professional tools.

Representatives of organisations and individuals looking for cooperation shall contact ICRP at email address.


Since the core of the ICRP’s activities are based on project-based cooperation, the institute has considerable experience in project planning and implementation. The ICRP is aimed at providing useful knowledge about project development to young people since its very first international educational activity was performed. The institute is committed to knowledge-sharing, competency-building and participative collaboration which are used as means in supporting the ideas of talented people.

It is often demanding and difficult process to transform one’s idea into action. For that reason the experts working at the ICRP are ready to assist in co-developing plans and to host the idea to grow it into a real proposal or activity. The institute’s IDEACTION Programme serves as an incubator in order to help young people with great ideas not only to launch a regular or online project but actually to achieve a social impact.

The IDEACTION Programme also offers assistance in designing and implementing local projects in the European Union under the Solidarity Projects scheme. A solidarity project is an in-country solidarity activity initiated, developed and implemented by young people themselves for a period from 2 to 12 months. It gives a group of minimum 5 European Solidarity Corps participants the chance to express solidarity by taking responsibility and committing to bring positive change in their local community. The project should have a clearly identified topic which participants of the group wish to explore together and which has to be translated into the concrete daily activities of the project and involve all the participants. Participation in a solidarity project is an important non-formal learning experience through which young people can enhance their personal, educational, social and civic development. Solidarity project should be local but they should also clearly present European added value through addressing priorities identified at European level within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps.

Young project developers looking for assistance or willing to participate in the Solidarity Projects programme shall contact ICRP at email address.