Pool of Trainers

In 2022, the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy established the Pool of Trainers (PoT) that consists of young trainers and advisors from across the world, with expertise in non-formal education, youth work, youth-led peace-building, digital education and more.

The PoT has three main goals:

  • Empower. Strengthen young people’s capacity to continue their work in various fields. Empower young trainers with training, facilitation, and nonviolent communication skills, by providing them with an inclusive and creative space to learn and network.
  • Support. Implement the ICRP’s capacity development programmes. Supporting young people with materials, curriculum, methods and know-how in order to develop their skills and competences in various topics.
  • Develop. Promote, expand and share existing and new educational methods. Developing effective and practical educational methods that support trainers, educators, youth workers and facilitators in their everyday work.


The ICRP’s Pool of Trainers is

  • an active group of professionals who can create and share knowledge, resources and opportunities;
  • a semi-autonomous body consist of experienced educators connected to the ICRP and participating in the institute’s activities;
  • a safe, engaged and youth-friendly space, where trainers share in an honest and transparent way;
  • a community of trainers and facilitators responsible and accountable for their work. The members of the PoT can think out, design and manage the content and methods of the activities they conduct under reduced or no supervision.

Profile of members

The members of the PoT have experience in intercultural learning, non-formal methodologies, youth work, digital education, media education and more. Within the Pool, there is a wide range of expertise and local experience that situates them perfectly to implement projects at all levels (global, regional, national, local). Moreover, the ICRP provides a platform and space for knowledge transfer among the trainers to support continuous growth in their knowledge and facilitation skills.


  • 2020: Fairy tale 4 V-World: a multi-action youth project to raise youngsters’ awareness about European values and to help them to become more sensitive towards the actual global challenges
  • 2021: Bridge of Cultures: a training to empower young workers to take an active role in transforming intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts on all levels
  • 2022: Regional Cooperation: a contact making seminar to establish international, national and regional cooperation of organizations directly working with youth in order to reduce the number of NEET young people
  • 2022: DIGIT-UP: a training to up-skill employees and volunteers of nonprofit organisations with digital competences
  • 2022: GEMINI (Generating Female Social Entrepreneurship): a youth exchange within this extensive project to develop soft skills and raise awareness of youngsters on social entrepreneurship for women

PoT members

Among the esteemed members of the Pool of Trainers are individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in education, journalism, and community activism. These trainers demonstrate a deep commitment to fostering inclusive dialogue and empowering marginalized communities. Their expertise spans a wide range of areas including digital education, community leadership, and project management. With fluency in multiple languages and a global perspective, they bring valuable insights to their work, enriching educational initiatives and promoting social change on both local and international levels.

⇒ For a list of the PoT member visit Our Trainers page.