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ICRP Research Papers Series

The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy publishes online research papers and essays that reflect multidisciplinary fields, contribute to influencing and expanding the body of research on cultural relations policy, and enhance dialogue among researchers, policy makers and the public.

The ICRP Research Paper Series includes working papers, original research studies, reflective essays by authors affiliated with ICRP, and major reports generated by ICRP related research projects. Authors are responsible for the content, and the views and interpretations expressed are not necessarily those of ICRP’s research staff and other affiliated researchers. Questions regarding the content of individual ICRP contributions and ICRP research reports should be directed to the authors.


ICRP Research Paper #19 – Arushi Singh: Egypt’s public diplomacy [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #18 – Candice Stephens-Mc Nichols: Self-defence or human rights atrocity: the conflict between Israel and Palestine and its legality under international law [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #17 – Candice Stephens-Mc Nichols: Cultural genocide: Human rights violations involving the disappearance and gender-based violence against the indigenous women in Canada and the need for their protection and the promotion of inter-cultural understanding and diplomacy [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #16 – Candice Stephens-Mc Nichols: Child brides: the rising human rights crisis in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #15 – Radhika Goyal: Exploring the changing health behaviours of international students and impact on self esteem [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #14 – Erenay Umay Cinar: Challenges of NATO-EU cooperation after the Cold War [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #13 – Ali Sarikaya: Hungarian-Turkish relations after the Second World War [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #12 – Ali Sarikaya: Hungarian people’s attitudes to grof Andrassy Gyula before-during-after Bosnia and Herzegovina was annexed by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #11 – Laura Alles: Olympic Games and Football Cup: how much can still be undertaken by Brazilians? [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #10 – Anna Mester-Csiki: Representation of women in decision-making in the European Union [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #9 – Krisztián Kovács: Je pense environ Charlie [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #8 – Krisztián Kovács: Pressure on papers [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #7 – Armin Lucevic: Corporations as the key movers of the wealth creating economic activities in national and global scale [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #6 – Katalin Szabó: Women’s rights in Libya during and after Gaddafi: Women’s rights lost in tribal struggle? [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #5 – Zuzana Balcová: Shortcomings of the European Asylum Policy and its development after “Lampedusa” and similar recent accients [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #4 – Ágnes Plank: Three Gorges Dam [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #3 – Zuzana Balcová: Child soldiers in Uganda: Efficiency and potential negative effects of KONY 2012 video on solving the current humanitarian situation in Uganda [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #2 – Ágnes Plank: The Uyghur identity and relative peoples’ relationship [pdf]

ICRP Research Paper #1 – Emese Balog: Phases of the Euro Crisis until June 2012 [pdf]

[2015] ICRP Analysis – Bosnia and Herzegovina: 20 years after Dayton [pdf]

[2014] Conflicts in 2013 – A collection of articles on conflicts in 2013 [pdf]

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This digital library provides a platform for ICRP staff members and guests to share their insights, views and analysis on issues related to international and cultural relations as well as to disseminate educational materials. The views expressed in the publications are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect ICRP’s position.We welcome your suggestions and comments to the institute’s contacts.