15 May 2017 First affiliate in Africa
Establishment of the first affiliate association Africa. The Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques – IRCP starts its activities in Bamako, Mali.

15-17 May 2017 World-changing words
The first international activity of ICRP funded by the Visegrad Fund. The aim of the training course is to train young professionals who are not only aware of societal issues affecting the V4 region but also interested in exchange of information through journalism or by writing.

25 April 2017 The ICRP is accredited as EVS sending organisation
The ICRP has been accredited as an EVS sending organisation which means the institution can send young people from Hungary to participate in EU volunteering projects.

10 January 2017 Establishment of the second affiliate abroad
The ICRP extends its activities in Finland by establishing of the Association for Cultural Relations non-governmental organisation in Espoo.

4-6 November 2016 Conference – ‘Security and sovereignty in the 21st century’
International conference organised by the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in cooperation with Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences.

1 August 2016 Celebrating the 50th issue of the News & Background magazine
Since June 2012 the ICRP published 50 issues of Cultural Relations News & Background monthly magazine. The 50th issue brings also new design for the magazine.

23 June 2016 Establishment of first international ICRP foundation abroad
The ICRP extends its activities in Serbia by establishing of the Cultural Relations Foundation (Fondacija za kulturne odnose) non-governmental organisation in Belgrade.

19 April 2016 Facilitate learning among cultures
The first EU-funded international activity of ICRP was implemented in Georgia in cooperation with the Academy of Peace and Development. The aim of the training of trainers was to increase youngsters’ understanding of culture and their capacities to lead intercultural activities with educational objectives.

15 August 2015 First 50 interns have completed their internship
Fifty interns from three continents and from many countries have completed their 1-6 months internship at the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in Budapest.

3 June 2015 Strategic partnership agreement with Kodolányi János University
The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy and Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences has signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement. The partnership aims to initiate joint internship, research and educational programme. According to the agreement the two institutions commit themselves to develop joint projects and scientific events in the future. The agreement was signed by the rector of KJU, Dr. h.c. Péter Szabó and the founder of ICRP, András Lőrincz.

4 December 2014 Diplomacy & Beyond
We are pleased to announce that ICRP has launched its “Diplomacy & Beyond talk series in order to bring closer diplomats and the world of diplomacy to those who are interested in current international issues.

9 April 2014 Establishment of the Foundation
From this date the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy is operating as a foundation (Kulturalis Kapcsolatokert Alapitvany) registered in Budapest, Hungary.

15 February 2014 Cultural Relations Quarterly Review
The ICRP launched its quarterly journal in order to to provide analysis on key international political, economic and cultural events and approaches. Each issue present scrutinised review of international relations on a quarterly basis written by young researchers, scholars, professionals who are specialised in International Relations theory, Political Science, world politics and Economics.

5 August 2013 Human Rights Issues Series
The ICRP proudly announces its new series of publictaion – Human Rights Issues Series. Further recently uploaded materials can be found under the Publications link.

31 July 2013 ⁞ Blog site launched
The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy considers real-time issues of international relations of utmost importance, thus in July 2013 it initiated a steady basis of international forum to discuss such issues. “Cultural relations in another way” –

23 July 2013 ⁞ Launch of VideoSeries
A serial of interviews is being recorded during the summer. The talks are focusing on the relation of kin-states, host countries and the ethnic minorities in host countries. Invited experts are ambassadors, current leaders of political parties and journalists from Hungary.

8 July 2013 ⁞ ICRP Resource materials
The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy publishes online resource materials that might be beneficial for students, researchers or anyone who deal with International Relations.

22-24 March 2013 Conference – ‘National Question in Central Europe: Democratic Responses to Unresolved National and Ethnic Conflicts’
International conference organised by the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in cooperation with King Sigismund University.

18 February 2013 ⁞ ICRP Youtube channel
Conference lectures, interviews, summaries and other videos can be reached on ICRP Youtube channel.

8-9 February 2013 Conference – ’The Balkans Dialogue: Conflict Resolution and EU Accession Politics in the Balkans and Turkey’
International conference organised by the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in cooperation with Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences and Dialogue Platform Association.

10 December 2012 ⁞ Cultural relations policy resources
First issues of Research Paper Series.

3 November 2012 ⁞ ICRP Twitter page
All the relevant information concerning ICRP is available also on Twitter.

9 September 2012 ⁞ ICRP LinkedIn page
The ICRP opens its page on LinkedIn in order to provide more information for professionals.

5 July 2012 Start of ICRP Internship Programme
The Internship Programme was initiated to facilitate the deepening of the practical knowledge and experience of university students in international and cultural relations.

9 June 2012 ⁞ ICRP Facebook page
The Institute has launched its facebook page with photos and more information about the events and initiatives.

1 June 2012 ⁞ Cultural Relations Policy News&Background
The mission of the magazine is to provide information and analysis on key international political events. Each issue covers up-to-date events and analysis of current concerns of international relations on a monthly basis.

5 May 2012 launched
The website of ICRP was launched in order to provide better information service regarding its initiatives and events.

1 March 2012 Establishment of the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy
Andras Lorincz founded the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy. Csilla Morauszki became the first person of the institute as Chief Executive Officer. The Institute have convened an Advisory Board which members are diplomats, political persons and university professors.