The importance of education in conflict prevention

August 27, 2022 Blog , , 0

Lilit Nersesyan | 27 Aug 2022

Technological development, high level of civilization, overdeveloped states, and unlimited opportunities to get efficient education: all these characteristics describe the nature of the 21st century but besides the global development aspects, sadly, there is another important characteristic too: war. War is not just our business; it is a matter of state level.

What function does a government have if we think about peace and security of the country? When it is discussed in various educational and preparational programs for citizens in the time of peace, almost everyone investigates the past and scorn it, but as soon as they face a conflict situation, the first thing that comes to their mind is blaming the state because of badly prepared citizens.

Many people often focus on various societal topics and become vegetarians or be active in protecting animals or organise programs connected to environment protection. However, conflict education programmes are often less supported. Nevertheless, if the fatherland is lost, all the flora and fauna will be meaningless.

An educated society is a firm guarantee for a strong country. Patriotism and respect towards the country is present everywhere. Besides that, we all dream about living in peaceful conditions. And what do we do to create that peaceful state?

In my opinion an ideal state has a triangle cooperation mechanism: civil society – army – government. But this cooperation becomes only crucial, when it is necessary, and we are under a threat. Therefore, it would be desirable if the cooperation noted above was permanent, resulting in the vision of a consolidated population and stable society. Have we ever thought about the most obvious solution of these problems? In my opinion the root of these issues is hidden in the school system, which eventually provides an unhealthy society with its social and political problems. And we can solve it only by bringing up a strong and politically educated generation.


The blog entry is part of the “Youth Advisory Boards for Peace” project, financed by the European Commission. More info: http://culturalrelations.org/portfolio/youth-advisory-boards-for-peace


Photo: Eman Mohammed/UNESCO

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