August 28, 2019 Ahmet Emre Usta, Blog , , 1

The Syrian Civil War in which a lot of people died and had to immigrate from their own country started in March 2011. Nobody was expecting such a big and complicated war but the war was intensified and deepened day by day. The Arab Spring influenced all Arabic countries....

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 The relationship between Turkey and the European Union have been influenced recently by the changes in regional and global politics and resulted in various positive and negative consequences. Although due to migration, regional security concerns and close economic ties create new areas for cooperation; political discourses in domestic politics,...

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June 08, 2019 Interviews 0

Interview by Izaura Avdulaj, ICRP | Discussion with Regina Rusz, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest As an organisation focusing on international relations with a special emphasis on culture, the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy initiated a series of interviews with top people of leading cultural institutions. Such...

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Is this just another Brexit article? We have been reading many of those in the past three years, assessing the future prospects of EU-UK relations, speculating about the political and economic hardships of a British departure from the European family, or simply doubting the feasibility of an orderly Brexit...

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In most of the countries in the world, voting is a right and it is not compulsory. But in other countries, for example in Belgium, it is compulsory. Whoever over the age of eighteen does not go to vote without a legitimate reason, has to pay a fine. This...

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April 04, 2019 Astrid Iacona, Blog , , 0

India is one of the most emerging country among the world’s major economies. The current government is trying to launch new initiatives. An example is “Make in India”, an ambitious project that embraces 25 sectors, including electronics, aviation, textiles, telecommunications, food processing and others that also aim to raise...

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We live in a world where more than ever the race toward the atomic bomb has increased. And, with this, also the tension between the main international actors. In the last few decades the relationship among Russia and the European Union has risen, almost to the level of the...

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Fake news or in other terms: ‘disinformation’ is a huge issue. Disinformation is, according to the definition, false or misleading information that: was created for making profit or for public fraud can lead to public damage meant as threats to democratic politics Disinformation is as old as communication itself,...

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The 2018 year was the fourth hottest year ever since we have data about that, or rather since 1880. That is what NASA said with its most important entity, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration). Temperature is only a part of the story; extreme weather and high temperatures...

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