Cultural Relations Quarterly Review
Volume 1. Issue 1. - Russian foreign and neighbourhood policy


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Gergo Nagy - Wazir Ali Baber: Analysis on Russian foreign policy
Background: The borders of Russia are still uncertain
Annamaria Kiss: Russian view on South Caucasus: A teetering policy of pragmatism
Story: Cumbersome heritage of the forbidden territories
Kitti Mária Tádics: Kaliningrad: a special area in Central Eastern Europe
András Lőrincz - Csilla Morauszki: Russian influence on contemporary international law


About the Review

Cultural Relations Quarterly Review is an initiative of the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy Budapest. Launched in 2013, its mission is to provide information and analysis on key international political events. Each issue present scrutinised review of international relations on a quarterly basis written by young researchers, scholars, professionals who are specialised in International Relations theory, Political Science, world politics and Economics.


Editorial Team

Series editor | András Lőrincz
Editors |
Tzong-Ho Bau, Ehud R. Toledano, Rafael Antônio, Duarte Villa, Igor Okunev, Farhan Hanif Siddiqi, Bezen Balamir Coşkun,
Robert Schrire, Boglárka Koller
Authors – Winter 2014 | Gergő Nagy, Wazir Ali Baber, András Lőrincz, Annamária Kiss, Kitti Mária Tádics, Csilla Morauszki
Executive Publisher | Csilla Morauszki

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