Building firewall against cyberbullying

Building Firewall Against Cyberbullying Project aims to contribute to the capacity development of youth workers and youth organizations in the area of cyberbullying, social media literacy and internet communities. With the rapid technological changes in the World, digital technologies now offers different opportunities coming along with the risks. Young people can now access the internet at any time they want, however, this also can make them expose to some serious threats.

Main goals and aims of the project:

  • To reduce, prevent and intervene in these risks which can disturb young people’s psychological wellbeing
  • To create a pilot training programme for the youth workers who would like to take part to tackle this issue

Training activity will last 8 (+2 days for mobility) days and involve non-formal and informal:

  • Training methods
  • Study visits,
  • Role-playing activities
  • Simulations
  • Debates
  • Outdoor activities

The current mobility is an Erasmus+ KA1 training course. The methodology will include communication-based methods (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), activity based methods (Sharing experience, practice and experimentation), socially focused methods (partnerships, teamwork, networking) and self-directing methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action). Participants’ learning experiences are recognised through a Youthpass.

Participants should be:

  • 18+ years old;
  • Hungarian citizen or have residence in Hungary;
  • Interested in the topic;
  • Have a good conduct in English;
  • Be able to attend the entire programme;
  • Committed to disseminate the results of the project as widely as possible;
  • Committed to multiply the results of the project in the local communities;
  • Agree on participating on behalf of the Hungarian sending organisation Kulturális Kapcsolatokért Alapítvány;
  • Agree on sharing information on the Hungarian sending organisation Kulturális Kapcsolatokért Alapítvány and promoting its activities during the project;
  • Fill in the application form and agree on the terms of Participant’s Declaration.
  • Agree on writing a short summary and/or creating a video after the project that will be published on the ICRP’s website and social media sites.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 training course

  • Dates:

    24 May - 2 June 2019

  • Venue:

    Istanbul, Turkey

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Bulgaria
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Turkey