CULTUREGRAPH – Knowing cultures by photography

Project description: Youth that we interact with have a major interest in photography and learning about different cultures. However, as they don’t live in urban areas, it is hard for them to experience intercultural dialogue and live – in practical terms – what the European citizenship really is: respect, know and discuss differences and similarities within European countries and how Europe is part of their daily life and how they can contribute to the improvement of Europe. So, this youth mobility project aims to strengthen European citizenship among youth from Europe and, by means of photography, initiate a debate on cultural aspects of Portuguese rurality and how it is similar or different to participants’ local communities.

– Promote intercultural dialogue between young people from rural regions of Europe;
– Promote discussion on cultural issues by means of photography;
– Facilitate the experience of Portuguese culture by means of photography;
– Develop European citizenship and the sense of belonging to Europe by creating an opportunity for European youth to meet;
– Promote the cooperation among associations active in the Youth field;
– Develop the oral expression in English.

– Photography challenges
– Experimentation of Portuguese cultural elements and traditions
– Cultural Nights
– Culture: discussion on similarities and differences between the involved countries/regions.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange

  • Dates:

    31.08.2015 - 06.09.2015

  • Venue:

    Vila Real, Portugal

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Bulgaria
    • Hungary
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Turkey