Digital literacy for e-inclusion


Together with the organizations, we have identified the needs of the NGOs and youth workers working with European projects and came up with the idea of a project, which will help to learn more about digital literacy and e-inclusion and will empower youth workers from different countries in increasing capacity of their work and thereby, becoming better in improving their future work, especially in Erasmus+ context.



To empower youth workers’ digital competences and equip them with information and tools, which will will improve their work with young people through digital literacy and e-inclusion.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course

  • Dates:


  • Venue:

    Zebrzydowice, Poland

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Czech Republic
    • Estonia
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Serbia
    • Turkey