Diplomacy&Beyond: Gergely Toth

On 21 November the next event of Diplomacy & Beyond talk series will host Gergely Toth. The discussion focuses on the the Hungarian-Japanese relations from the Meiji reforms till the broke out of the First World War.

Gergely Toth holds an MA in Japanese Studies from Gaspar Karoli University of the Reformed Church in Budapest, Hungary. He spent 2 years at Waseda University in Tokyo. His interdisciplinary research is revolving around the history of relations between Hungary in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Meiji+Taisho-era Japan during the 1869-1913 period. He is constantly working on the re-evaluation, demistification, objectivation of the early Hungaro-Japanese relations, by applying a critical approach.

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21 November 2022 | Mon | 1 pm (CET)


Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83235944389


13:00 – Introduction
13:15 – Moderated talk with Gergely Toth
14:00 – Questions and open discussion

Host: Anna Sarkisyan


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    21 November 2022 | Mon | 1 pm

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