Path of Hope: Make it easier for young refugees & migrants

Project background: During the recent years, our world lives one of the most painful war experiences. Because of the conflict in Syria, more than 300 thousand people lost their lives and over 4 million people asylum to neighboring countries. Today, due to the approximately 5 years insolubility and the decreasing hope of asylum seekers on returning home, particularly this year many Syrians take to the roads to Europe illegally and legally for a better life. Hard integration process will start for who succeed and survived in this incomparable journey.
For this reason, our aim is to provide high quality learning outcomes for youth institutions on this road, we called it as a Hope Road, to manage the process better and learn how to support those refugees who have a variety of needs including basic humanitarian aid. By this way, a youth network might be established to make it easier for refugees and migrants in terms of rehabilitation, social and cultural assistance, language support and employment as well.
27 Youth Workers from Austria, Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland and Turkey will be gathered in Ankara, capital of Turkey, August 2016. Each partner institutions selected owing to their countries’ placement on the hope road as a transit or a final destination. All partners will make a research in their country on the current status of the migrants and the feelings of the inhabitants for the new comers.
During the mobility, high quality of learning is targeted under the mentorship of academician and specialists with the following trainings/seminars/workshops;
– Session on People Who Left or Have to leave Their Homes: Migration, migrant, types of migration, reasons of migration, refugee, asylum seeker, illegal immigrant, illegal migration.
– Special Session on Human Trafficking: Used methods on human trafficking, exploitation, victim, human trafficker, crimes on human trafficking, legal dimensions, UN Protocols, Human Trafficking in Turkey.
– Workshop on refugee/migrant stories that provides feeling of empathy with them.
– Special Session for Refugees: Status of the refugees, profiles, basic humanitarian needs as shelter, food and health; cultural, educational and social needs of young refugees.
– AFAD (Disaster & Emergency Management Authority of Turkey) Seminar: Asylum Seekers to Turkey and neighboring countries after the conflict in Syria, Refugee Camps, Demographic details, AFAD’S Experiences, Challenges encountered, how to overcome the problems
– Communication with the Refugees: How to approach to those young people, points to take into consideration according to the cultural and language differences.
– Strategies on creating effective awareness rising campaigns strategies Thanks to that, youth organizations will have better knowledge and understanding, which is one of the main targets of this project, in their studies which are carried out for young refugees and asylum seekers among migrant and refugees aged between 13 – 30 in 120 thousand people who will be welcomed by Europe.

Within the project, participants (youth workers) will form policies at group works for young asylum seekers and refugees on language and educational studies; adaptation and integration and the employment issues. Also it is expected that the participants will evaluate the Europe’s short/medium/long term migrant policies in terms of youth studies.
One of the most important activities for the young asylum seekers and refugees is to prepare inhabitants for this new migration wave and let them understand the desperation of those people. For this purpose, a document includes the stories of the refugees and posters that facilitate the social inclusion and orientation will be prepared. In order to allow other youth organizations to benefit from the outcomes of this project, guidance will also be prepared, will be disseminated. Thanks to the strong network of the partners, the project will meet with large mass and will appear on local and international media. Ultimately, it make it easier for the Refugees who will be accepted by Europe in near future.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 training course

  • Dates:

    21.08.2016 - 27.08.2016

  • Venue:

    Ankara, Turkey

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Austria
    • Croatia
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Macedonia
    • Poland
    • and Turkey