Religion, Future, Generation, Stereotypes – ReFuGeeS

Project description: Europe is facing a crucial moment in which religion and intercultural understanding are playing an important role in the life of its citizens and we encounter every day stereotypes, fear for diversity, intollerance and rejection, exclusion of youth and a non-communicative approach. Refugees crisis was the last drop for making the bubble exploding in a serie of events which have not been easy to overcome.

“ReFuGeeS – Religion, Future, Generation, Stereotypes” was born from this Euro-Balkan background in where the involved countries found themselves as the most affected ones of a sad scenario of past and present issues concerning religious and faith matters which sometimes lead to avoidance, violence, and marginalisation; we do not realize the importance of the religious patrimony and cultural treasure belonging to it.
Non formal education, religious diversity, mutual understanding and volunteering actions are the key factors which can change the perspective, induce to the right intepretation of things and to a more democratic and inclusive Europe for all those involved actors working and non-profiting in the field of refugees’ crisis and humanitarian help.

The main objectives of the training course were achieved by the following points:
1) to discuss and analyse the traditions concerning the religions in Europe;
2) to discuss about the needs for interfaith dialogue and its challenges;
3) to promote the respect of the fundamental Human Rights and the link with the faith and religious issues through the use of non formal education tools for learning planned ad hoc;
4) to share and overcome stereotypes and wrong knowledge/ideas about the cultural diversity in our religions and societies;
5) to consider the role of active citizens with diverse groups of people;
6) to introduce the participants in a pro-positive, democratic and healthy attitude and to address them to the mutual understanding to be spread out in our realities.

The project lasted 6 months and the face-to-face Training Course “ReFuGeeS – Religion, Future, Generation, Stereotypes” took place in Dombóvár, Hungary from 3st to 10th December 2016, and it welcomed participants (including trainers and organizers) from Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.


  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 training course

  • Dates:

    03.12.2016 - 10.12.2016

  • Venue:

    Dombóvár, Hungary

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Albania
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Kosovo
    • Macedonia
    • Montenegro
    • Poland
    • Serbia and Turkey