SENSE – Social Entrepreneurship and Key Skills for the Future

S.EN.S.E. – Social Entrepreneurship and Key Skills for the Future is promoted by the cooperative “L’Universale 2000 Società Cooperativa Sociale a.r.l.” with the partnership of: – AYUNTAMIENTO DE ALJARAQUE (Spain) – ASOCIACIJA APKABINK EUROPA (Lithuania) – WALK TOGETHER ASSOCIATION (Bulgaria) – EMINA Lifelong Learning Foundation (Hungary) and is born from the idea of young people between the ages of 17 and 20. After conducting a thorough needs analysis, we found that young people within this band are involved or have been involved in school / work alternation experience within the school, a mode considered by young people just ineffective. Hence, the need to improve education and training paths through the use of non-formal techniques such as those that will be used within the project. Social enterprise is one of the main economic activities of the future. Young people need to be formed by acquiring skills in cross-entrepreneurship and cross-skills that have become fundamental to any kind of work that will be done in the future. The themes of the project are: – Entrepreneurial Education – Inclusion – Equality – Inclusive labor market issues – Career orientation / Youth unemployment declined with the lens of social enterprise and social innovation as employability vehicles, social integration and impacts in terms of common good. A variety of approaches and educational methods will be used to match and stimulate all the learning styles that will be present within the group, offering participants a broader mix of activities, with theoretical input, group work, experiences concrete discussions, and creative activities to provide a comprehensive and stimulating educational experience so that each participant can find their ideal dimension and contribute to their personal, social and professional development.
The applied methodologies are:
– non-formal education,
– interactive education,
– Participatory education.
The participants are 6 young people between the ages of 17 and 20, respecting gender equality and allocating a 10% share of young people with less opportunities, plus a Group Leader representing each country.
The objectives are:
– Enhance the entrepreneurial skills of young participants, with the implementation of non-formal learning activities related to corporate ethics, shared leadership, teamwork, respect and enhancement of multiculturalism, increased self-esteem and of autonomy in learning by doing
– Spread the values of social entrepreneurship and social innovation as an employment opportunity with positive impact on the community, combining economic interest and collective project, participatory management and profit – Start a path of shared strategies and approaches between formal education and non-formal education through integration between schools, institutions, youth and business centers
– Develop cross-competences such as acceptance of differences, tolerance, active listening, participation, awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
The activities envisaged are: 
1. APV, necessary as the Italian cooperative is the first experience with Erasmus + projects. The aim is to compare the points of view and to develop a detailed exchange plan, taking into account the potential risks and conflict elements. This will take place 29th and 30th June 2018 in Viterbo and only the Youth leader can take part.
2. Youth Exchange for a period of 5 days 24-28 July 2018 where the activities will be shaped around:
– Social enterprise as a tool to create shared value beyond profit: Young participants will carry out activities that will lead them to reflect on the topic of social innovation as a strategy to maximize the social impact of the business, creating new ideas that meet the social needs. Promoting an economy that looks at global challenges, starting from the local context, which does not give up on social engagement while still being able to profit from entrepreneurial activity.
– Social innovation as well as empowerment of citizens: Social Innovation as a social use of innovation, and hence the relationship between participation, technology and business.
The main target of SENSE is the group of young participants selected by the partners on which the greatest impact is expected. At the end of the exchange, participants will have gained experience in personal development, new transversal and relational skills. The entire local community involved directly or indirectly in the project itself will benefit from project outcomes and outputs.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 youth exchange

  • Dates:

    23-29 July 2018

  • Venue:

    Viterbo, Italy

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Bulgaria
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Lithuania
    • Spain