Tackling racism and radicalisation

Project description: In the current immigration crisis, we are facing problems are arising from intercultural relations, clash of cultures – a new wave of xenophobia, racism and social fears that can be seen in EU. This is a new problem that arises from strong social fears, stereotypes that need to be combated. We are witnessing events of violence involving migrants and refugees that can evolve into more a dangerous phenomenon. Moreover, radicalization and extremism are another side of the situation which are affecting the young people and local society. Young people who are subject to discrimination and racism in daily life can be easily fall out of society and be an easy target for radicalization.
In order to face these problems, we will provide international seminar event for youth workers, volunteers and youth leaders from the partner countries. and program countries. The youth workers have to be better prepared to address European youths, to combat social fears, face problems related to xenophobia, racism and stereotypes among youth learners. We will introduce new methods efficient in learning interculturality, focusing on youth work values and combating against racism and radicalization. Moreover, experienced trainers from each partner organization will share their skills in the field of interculturality, combating against racism and radicalization with all other participants. We will also work on a common final publication as containing the combined training methods for Organisations.

Project aim:
-support professional development of youth workers, trainers to cope better with intercultural problems, racism, xenophobia, social fears of youth learners, particularly based on the recent immigration crisis and refugees in EU through sharing experience during seminar.
-raise youth workers’ awareness, responsiveness and understanding of other cultures and countries (so they can better transfer that to the youths),
-tackling of radicalization through education and youth in action.
-increase the capacities, attractiveness and international dimension of participating organizations and youth workers through the toolkit so that they are able to offer activities and programmes that better respond to the current needs of the youths;
-continue cooperation and strengthen the relationship between youth leader and their organizations.
-highlight Erasmus Plus as platform to spread impact of organization in EU and neighbor countries.

Participants’ profile: Youth workers working with youths require better, updated tools to be used to cope with higher efficiency with the problem. With this project we will face the problem by improving their competences with several unique training sessions provided by experienced trainers from certain expert organizations. That will give to the youth workers certain new tools to be used in working with the youths. It will also raise their ability to work in international environment, enable them to establish professional relationships across EU and gain basic experience in providing training sessions for international learners.
Each partner is sending to the main project event its group of 3 youth workers. These participants are active trainers, youth workers working with own local youth learners in each partner organization. Each group’s participants are capable of providing a training session which they are experts in and is planned for them to provide. In this way we are going to enhance competences of youth workers that are already involved in the project planning and work.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 Seminar

  • Dates:

    12-22 March 2018

  • Venue:

    Landskrona, Sweden

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Armenia
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Jordan
    • Romania
    • Serbia
    • Sweden
    • Turkey
    • Ukraine
    • United Kingdom