Think 2ice

Think 2ice: training course on media literacy in youth work is a training course under the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus Plus programme.

The false news, the manipulation of information, the mystifications have been part of every age of humanity but it is thanks to the tools of online technologies that they manage to have very dangerous effectiveness. Because of this situation, negative phenomena such as fake news, post-truth, trolls have become part of our daily lives making it difficult to discern between false information and information, often making many of us involuntary disinformation agents.

Being media literate allows us to see that this is untrue and media does, in fact, have underlying messages that affect us. By understanding those messages, we can change how it affects us. Media literacy is so important to consumers because it can help us to control our actions in response to media, and allow it to have less control over our views.


to raise the competences related to media literacy in youth work by training youth workers on the topics of fake news, post-truth, management of virtual identities in a fair way, the concept of entropy.



*To explore the concepts of media literacy and all the phenomena which are affecting journalism and the world of news for young people
*To discover and experience the most used tools by young people online and how to deal with them in order to raise awareness of young users
* To transfer new competences and tools for youth workers on the topics of fake news, post-truth, troll and entropy who will act as multipliers with young people of their communities
*To develop innovative activities on media literacy to be used in youth work at the international level with young people
*To create a network of youth workers who promote fair journalism among young people in Europe

The training will be based on the principles of non-formal education (eg group as a source of mutual learning, trainer as a facilitator of the learning process, holistic approach, etc.) and experimental learning approach. This project will equip youth workers with the ability to able to transfer knowledge, skills and attitude on media literacy and the current phenomena which are affecting young people. They will be trained and well equipped with new tools and methods they could use and share with their peers and increase also consequently the quality of their activities.

Participant’s profile:

  • A youth worker
  • 18+
  • Eager to learn about media literacy
  • Committed and highly motivated to cooperate
  • Open-minded and actively involved in activities
  • Participated in at least 3 training courses before (as supporting staff or as part of an organization)

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA1 training course

  • Dates:

    10-16 May 2020

  • Venue:

    Riga, Latvia

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Cyprus
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Serbia
    • Spain