U-Happy Teens

Project description: Our Project is financed by Turkish National Agency. Our Project is an Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Workers Movement the name of the Project. “U-Mutlu Gençler! – “U-Happy Teens!” The participants have to be over 18. We have asked the participants to arrive prepared to the program and to be effective. The were requested to do some researches about unemployment in their countries. They presented and shared it with other countries during the project.
The total duration of our Project is 5 months. It was implemented in Sorgun with 31 participants from 10 countries. Activities went on with the visits to job institutions and with some works about unemployment during 8 days.

One of the major problems of our era is unemployment. Especially ‘The Youth Unemployment’. We, as the group, have started some works based on this topic as the members who have been affected from unemployment. By living, we see that unemployment is a huge problem as some of our group members are unemployment and have unemployment problems. We have decided to develop a Project to step to rescue the young people from this problem and to get help from the applications that are implemented in Europe to find solutions.

The goals of the Project: To make Youth Employment wider and deeper understood, to talk about the problems of youth employment and its factors with its actors, to learn different working styles with the foundations that are concerned with this topic, to apply the works in our local that are done in Europe, to search the Works of different institutions to create new employments for the young, to provide the change of good applications, to create webs about youth employment among Europe, to see the needs and the potential of the young and to present them to concerned people, by broadening the young’s horizon to develop the young’s self confidence in Sorgun which has limited opportunities, by unifying the young from different countries to make them be aware that they can live and work in Europe without having no problems, to provide the young to meet each other and reduce the foreign enmity and the effects of racism, to do new activities by developing our communication with the participants coming from other countries, to gain continuing partnership and develop our enterprising.

Participants profile: The participants are from the young and youth workers. We shared the works that have been performed in this field in Turkey after we had a look to unemployment problem from different point of views with our partners and share the good examples of other countries’ ones in our local. In the program, we aimed to understand the phrases ‘youth unemployment and Professional directing’ and to be at a common point. For this reason, workshop workings were held by using common education techniques. Later, there were performed some works that informal learning techniques were used with the people, institutions and foundations that deal with this field. At the end, general evolutions of the program, planning of the future process were performed. We dealt especially to learn from each other to share useful applications. ‘Social Including and Supporting Ease’ which are among the priorities of Erasmus and Youth Programs are the priorities of our Project. Our Project was held in Sorgun which is a prior region for improvement. Thanks to this Project, organizations from many places of Europe came to our city. We had a chance to see the implemented works related to ‘Youth Unemployment’ in many places of Europe and met the organizations that work in this field. Beside, our Project made a positive effect to presentation of Turkey.

  • Programme and action:

    Youth in Action mobity of youth workers

  • Dates:

    13.09.2014 - 20.09.2014

  • Venue:

    Sorgun, Turkey

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Bulgaria
    • Estonia
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Macedonia
    • Netherlands
    • Romania
    • Spain
    • Turkey