Young participation – strong tomorrow investment

Project details: The main objectives of the project include the following;
– Social inclusion the EU youth strategy of young people with the increase of
– To promote European cooperation in the youth field
– The quality of support systems for youth activities and contribute to the development of the capacities of civil society organisations in the youth field,
– Strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation among young people who live in different countries,
– Young people often awareness of active citizenship, in particular, promote the development of a sense of European citizenship
– ERASMUS+ young people informed about the programme and successful projects to take the place of dialogue, cooperation and Information Network allow for the creation of,
– Disabled and disadvantaged young people to play a more active role for such projects,allowing you to
– To increase the capacity of youth work and youth workers perform
– Among young people using Informal training methods is designated as the network of information.

As a result of our project, the participants will acquire knowledge of human rights; will understand better the importance of peace and integrity in regards to the globalization. Our aim is to find new solutions and offer suggestions to the refugee crisis, which has become a huge humanitarian issue, which ensured bringing up suggestions, to engage participants in initiatives as to submit the suggestions to the relevant departments on local and international level. Another purpose of our project is emphasized on the role of those who suffer from wars in the society, to show them that it is our human duty to help them and that we will commit this duty in every region, we can reach. Furthermore : to ensure participants to explore cultural differences, to support them in their communication amongst youths, to boost their self-esteem and to improve their entrepreneurship features, the participants will be able to be active in our trainings and to make new friendships as long as strengthen them , to overcome prejudices. To realize that, while bringing into question the international problems, Erasmus + is also an instructive element, to spread to the chosen groups the significance of Erasmus+ for all youths is one of our other purposes.

Activities, methods and results:
Activities: Our project cultural night, orientation activities, ice breakers, brain storming, case studies, presentation of good practices, drama performances and non-formal learning activities will be carried out.
Methods: Formal education methods, group dynamics, games, brainstorming, discussion, case analysis, presentation, individual work, team work, such as project development methods will be used.
Impact and Results: Cultural integration between young people from different countries as a result of our project, Sustainable collaborations will take place. EU citizenship Young People’s active citizenship, youth work, youth policy, equal opportunities, entrepreneurship, leadership, team spirit will gain competence in matters such as this. Also a qualified Youth Network will be created at the European level and Europe in the age of sustainability of the cooperation will be ensured. Both the local community both participants in Erasmus+ Youth will increase awareness about the program.

Long-term benefits of the project: The European Youth Network that will be created as a result of our project, thanks to both teenagers as well as sustainable communication between partner organizations, Networking will be established. The following projects by expanding production and achieving sustainable impacts on a wider scale will be provided for.

  • Programme and action:

    Erasmus+ KA3 structured dialogue

  • Dates:

    19.04.2017 - 25.04.2017

  • Venue:

    Ankara, Turkey

  • Number of participants:


  • Participating countries:
    • Bulgaria
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Macedonia
    • Lithuania
    • Romania
    • Slovakia and Turkey