Active Europe Fair – NGO fair in Budapest

March 06, 2023 Media in English 0

SVF | The Subjective Values Foundation organized an NGO fair as part of the European Year of Youth supported by the National Youth Council on 12th November 2022 in Budapest.

We aimed to promote active citizenship and social participation of young people with the fair. One way to contribute is to join an organization as a volunteer or to stand up for a cause that we consider important. For this reason, we invited civil organizations and informal groups dealing with diverse topics whom participants could get to know in the framework of exciting workshops.

We divided the program into two blocks so participants could get to know more organizations. During the morning, participants learned about the National Youth Council, the European Year of Youth, and how the event is related to active citizenship and social participation.

Both the morning and afternoon blocks continued with a short introduction of the participating organizations, presentations and videos enriched the program, which also served as a teaser for the workshops following the introduction.

After that, the organizations moved into different rooms and the participants could join the 1.5-2 hours workshops of the organizations they were interested in. There were thematic discussions, board games, various non-formal sessions. Among others, the following topics were addressed: what are healthy streets and what can we do to improve our environment? What opportunities are there for young people in the framework of programs financed by the European Union? How to deal with disadvantaged young people? How to organize informal groups for a good cause? How can we appeal to the widest possible social stratum with our cause? How can we use art tools in relation to social problems? What tools can we use to draw attention to the rights and disadvantage of women?

At the end of both sessions, there was an opportunity for informal discussions, combined with a sandwiches and coffee.

Our event was a great success and inspired the representatives of the organizations and the organizers as well. We would like to continue the program series, broadening the age group addressed.

Thank you for being with us:

KacsaKő Egyesület
Food Not Bombs Budapest
Institute for Cultural Relations Policy
Egyeséges Diákfront
Women for Each Other Movement
Roots and Routes Hungary

The fair was implemented with the support of the National Youth Council.

Original article: https://szubjektiv.org/en/active-europe-fair-ngo-fair-in-budapest

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