Bulgarian participants’ interview about ICRP’s training

December 04, 2019 Media in English 0

RADIO E+ BULGARIA | Laura Sani about “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” in Budapest, Hungary

I am Laura from Sofia. This was my third Erasmus+ project. I last participated in a project called “Culture as a tool for conflict resolution” that took place in Hungary, Budapest. I expected to gain significant knowledge and mediation, to exchange ideas with other likeminded people and I really enjoyed my time there.

During the project the trainers incorporated different workshops, energisers, teambuilding games and gave the chance to perform artistically. I remember a few energisers that were really hilarious and I really did enjoy them.

I had participated actively throughout the training course and I shared my skills with the other youth workers. I will use the information and knowledge I acquired during the course to conduct better training sessions myself and to increase the quality of youth projects organised by my NGO.

I would definitely recommend Erasmus+ training courses to other young people as it is a really great experience.


RADIO E+ BULGARIA | Viara Kazanaklieva about “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” in Budapest, Hungary

My name is Viara Kazanaklieva. I am 35 years old and I am from Sofia. The name and the topic of the project I took part in was “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” and it was in Budapest in Hungary.

I really wanted to participate in this project because I wanted to learn new techniques on how to deal with different types of conflicts because I encounter many in my everyday work as a teacher. I also wanted to know how to be more tolerant, calm and neutral when you have to make decision.

We were learning through non-formal education of course: we were playing different games, and simulations. There were presentations and also a lot of group work. We were creating our own projects trying to solve our own conflicts. It was very interesting.

What I will always remember is my participation in an imaginary conflict that we created with my group and the process of solving it through mediation. I really enjoyed this part because the topic was very close to my job as a teacher. It was a conflict that appeared and took place at school.

My biggest struggle was to remember all the names – of course in the beginning – but then everything came to place. I think my biggest success was the great connection that I had with all the participants and the facilitators as well, and of course the shared experience. I think I was quite enthusiastic all the tasks given and I shared everything that I knew before and my experience with everybody throughout all the sessions. I was also participating in a reporting group at the end of each day which made a kind of resume of all the activities and the methods that we used.

Of course I will use all the games that we learnt and I will try to adapt them, so that those will be appropriate for my students. I will also try to use the techniques that we learnt and practiced on solving conflicts in the different situations that I encounter in my everyday job.

In general, it was a great experience and I would advise everybody who has the courage to meet new people and to learn new things to push themselves to the limits to really participate in Erasmus+ projects like that because it is an experience that will stay for the rest of your life. Of course you will learn a lot of new things and meet great people and share wonderful experience and memories.


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