CiMe Blended Mobility of Young People, March-April 2023, Romania

April 13, 2023 Media in English 0

Training Club | Between 30 March and 5 April, TEAM4Excellence hosted the Blended mobility of young people as part of the Citizen Media project at Maritime University of Constanta. The main objective of the KA2 Erasmus+ project ”Integrating Citizen Media into daily Youth Work for empowering Youths with Fewer Opportunities in Digital Citizenship” (CiMe) is to reach young people by using the opportunities of digital media, the experiences and best practices of safe Citizen Media environments and concepts to support the concept of an active, self-confident, skillful, responsible digital citizen.
At the same time, we want to improve the level of key competences of youth workers in formal and non-formal education to adequately contribute to the youth critical skills development. Delegates from all partner organizations of the project participated in the activity:

During the activities, participants collaborated to pilot the practical activities developed by the Citizen Media (CiMe) team, and contributed to drafting the youth strategy of intervention. As a result of cooperation with partners, we developed one online course with five modules for youth to improve their digital citizenship and content creation skills. We invited participants to take a look at the CiMe platform and become active learners by piloting the online course.
On each training day, participants took part in workshops and hands-on activities to help them use digital tools and platforms consciously and gain content creation skills. The workshops focused on online identity, storytelling through images, creating content for the magazine, piloting the CiMe course, social media and its impact on young people, online security, video creation and post-production.

Participants came up with ideas of various types of content that might be used to increase youth awareness about various types of media, content creation, Social Media, Fake news, online identity and misinformation effects.
They also learned the basics of creating video content, from brainstorming a video idea to filming and editing. They have collaborated to create videos or to think up film concepts, to create portraits of media identities or to address issues such as minority representation in media and media literacy.
Participants created content for CiMe magazine, they interviewed different people, took photos, wrote and filmed to contribute to the next issue of the magazine. Thus, they approached the subject of media both theologically and practically thus becoming more aware of media practices and technologies.

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Date: 30th of March – 5th of April 2023

Location: Constanta, Romania

Original article: https://trainingclub.eu/project/cime-ltta-ro

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