Final conference of ANTIDOTE hosted by ICRP

August 30, 2023 Media in English 0

ANTIDOTE | The 5th International Project Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary, attracting a diverse group of attendees from various European countries. The gathering served as a platform for robust discussions and collaborative brainstorming sessions. One of the standout sessions focused on “Reactivating European Urban Citizenship: A Network of Inclusive Towns.” This topic delved into the ways European cities can rekindle a sense of belonging among their residents. Presenters shared case studies of towns that have successfully fostered inclusivity, with initiatives aimed at bridging gaps between long-term residents and newcomers. The manual for training activities for social-youth operators to build a counter-narrative on the migration phenomenon has been presented. As a peripheral activity, a visit among international participants and the ‘Menedék’ Association for the Integration of Migrant Children was planned.

Original article: https://www.antidotenetwork.net/internationalevents

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