Dissemination DIGITAL GUIDE Entrepreneurship Plus

June 29, 2020 Media in English 0

Futuro Digitale | The presentation of the DIGITAL GUIDE of the KA2 Entrepreneurship Plus (EP) project was held by videoconference with the participation of numerous students and young workers; project number 2018-2-BE04-KA205-002308, it involves the association Futuro Digitale and three other partners: Association Universitaire Latino-Américaine (Belgium), Sdruzhenie Alternativi International (Bulgaria) and Institute for Cultural Relations Policy – Kulturalis Kapcsolatokert Alapitvany (Hungary).

During the videoconference it was highlighted that the digital guide – created by the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy) is based on the results of the “Entrepreneurship Plus” strategic partnership project supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, with the aim of providing young workers with resources and good practices in a way such that they are able to understand and receive entrepreneurial education and learning.

With a large percentage of young unemployed and who have no defined role in society, there is a high risk of compromising social cohesion and trust in public institutions, with consequent damage to the medium-term growth prospects. Therefore, promoting youth entrepreneurship is considered by many to be one of the main solutions to European youth unemployment and societal challenges. Speaking of this, in the guide you can also find a section on good practices in the four countries, so as to provide a guideline for new young entrepreneurs.

All the participants showed interest and participation in the videoconference and found the advice of the guide very useful.

Original article: https://www.futurodigitale.org/en/dissemination-digital-guide-entrepreneurship-plus-2

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