Internship at the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in Budapest, Hungary

December 04, 2017 Media in English 0

PARTNERS 4 VALUE | After finishing my Master’s studies in International Relations and Diplomacy, I have decided to do an Erasmus internship for the fourth time. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and broaden your knowledge that cannot be missed.

The mission of the Hosting Organization is to develop long-term cultural relations and deepen an understanding between different actors of international relations. Dialogue is perceived as the most important goal and a tool at the same time, since the identity politics become more and more relevant in the 21st century. I have gained wide knowledge about the important issues in International Relations during my studies, however, an internship in the non-governmental organization gave me an opportunity to gain practical experience in the field I am so interested about and utilize the theoretical knowledge I already have.

During the three months period of my internship, I have participated in organizing and attending multiple events that bring diplomats, politicians and young intellectuals together to discuss the current affairs, cultural diversity and the importance of dialogue. One of the initiatives of the Hosting Institution is organizing series of roundtable discussions “Diplomacy&Beyond” in regards with most important on-going political events. The German election was one of such events that has significant importance to the whole Europe, therefore, I have participated in organizing and hosting this roundtable discussion, inviting the speakers and finding the moderator for the discussion, promoting the event on social media. In addition, I had an opportunity to help in organizing an annual international conference on Security and Sovereignty in the 21st century. The responsibility for success of this event was truly significant and I have not only gained valuable knowledge as a young member of academia, but also improved my organizational and professional skills. Finally, I had a chance to further develop my researching and analysis skills through writing articles and blog entries, as well as, contributing to a new volume of the Human Rights Issues Series. The volumes focuse on diverse topics regarding universal human rights and civil liberties. Each volume concentrates on specific topic and current changes in the application of human rights both in national and international level, as well as, its effects on international relations. The new volume explores the complicated situation of women rights across Europe and my research paper that has focused on Russia’s case will be published in January.

I truly appreciate this traineeship and all the possibilities the Hosting Organization provided me for developing myself and discovering my strengths and weaknesses!

Sandra Kaziukonytė


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