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July 08, 2020 Media in English 0

YOUTH NETWORK | The European Commission launched the Digital Education Action Plan in 2017 in order to improve key competences and digital skills of European citizens. The action plan outlines how the EU can help people, educational institutions and education systems better adapt to life and work in an age of rapid digital change.

Considering the increasing digitalisation of society, it is, therefore, more important than ever that youth workers develop their own digital and pedagogical skills.

Youth Workers 2.0

NGO’s from 4 different countries decided to collaborate in a strategic partnership project in order to provide youth workers a comprehensive professional development programme for upgrading and up-skilling their digital skills. Thus, the “Youth Workers 2.0” project provides guidance and training for youth workers across Europe on how to use ICT tools and digital methods to better deliver basic skills in youth education.

 The specific objectives of the project for youth workers are:
– To reflect youth workers role in relation to digital approaches;
– To empower youth workers to fully exploit all the potentials of digital education and ICT tools to deliver basic skills education;
– To improve youth workers knowledge of usage of different digital tools making them understand what kind of skills are needed in different contexts;
– To provide youth workers with appropriate training opportunities for further developing their professional knowledge, skills and competences;
– To enhance mutual learning and share of good practices.

You can download the booklet HERE.

Asociación EuropeYou – Spain
Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung – Austria
Group of the European Youth for Change – Romania
Institute for Cultural Relations Policy – Hungary

Original article: https://youthnetworks.net/skill-up-your-digital-education-methods

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