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If you are interested in politics and, more specifically, in Russia and various international issues that surround it, but, however, after a long day of work/studies, you have no strength to read extensive articles or pick up a book, I have a great solution to such a dilemma –...

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October 31, 2017 Interviews 0

Interview by Fruzsina Csonka, ICRP | “Motivation and Engagement” – Interview with Doumbia Badra Aliou, President of the Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques (IRCP Mali) The Institut des Relations Culturelles et Politiques was formed in 2017 in Bamako, Mali with the aim to foster public discourse and disseminate...

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Interview by Nicole Gefvenberg, ICRP | The Sami is an indigenous Finno-Ugric community living in the area Sápmi, which encompasses four countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. It is estimated that between 80,000–100,000 Sami live in Sápmi. In 1977 the Swedish government recognised them as an indigenous population, and...

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With North and South Korea being separated since the end of World War II, the Korean question of reunification remains unanswered and increasingly complex. Within more than 70 years, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea pursued entirely different paths concerning their political, economic, and...

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A towering monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47, the Soviet rifle that has become the world’s most lethal and widespread assault weapon ever made, was unveiled by Russian officials and Orthodox priests on 19th of September, 2017 in the middle of one of central Moscow’s busiest thoroughfares....

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A Russian-led strategic military exercise that has been the focus of Western anticipation for a while has finally started on the 14th of September and will last till the 20th of September. “Zapad 2017” (every four year planned military drills) by some Western countries are believed to be the...

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The members of the 19th Bundestag and the next chancellor of Germany will be elected in late September 2017. This election has significant consequences not just for Germany but for Europe and for the whole world as well. During the election “seven” political parties will compete for the votes....

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